The most hated character in the Spider-Man saga

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Spider-Man It has a huge fan base that celebrates Peter Parker and also many of the other characters that appear in the wall-crawler mythology. Some villains even managed to gain a good number of followers, such as Venom, which even has its own movie franchise starring the popular Tom Hardy. However, there is a name that the Spidey fanbase despises. Who are we talking about?

Is about Flash Thompson, a “Sabelotodo” that does not stop bullying Peter Parker but at the same time he is a fan of Spider-Man. In Homecoming, when Ned tells Liz that Peter knows the arachnid, it is Flash who makes fun of the situation saying that this possibility is the same as the gym teacher meeting the arachnid. Captain America.

Most hated by Spider-Man fans

Later, at a party at Liz’s house, Peter was supposed to appear as Spidey, but he never came and Thompson, who was acting as a DJ, began to make fun of his schoolmate who never seems to give him respite. A real bullying that fans of the hero do not tolerate. And the story continued similarly in Far From Home, only this time on a trip across Europe.

Flash Thompson is interpreted in the Marvel Cinematic Universefor Tony Revolori. He was born and raised in Anaheim, California. He is of Guatemalan descent and his father, Mario Quiñónez, was also an actor when he was young. Tony is recognized in the Hollywood industry for bringing Zero Moustafa to life in the film El Gran Hotel Budapest. He also had small interventions on TV shows such as My Name is Earl Y Shameless, among others.

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Color data? Flash Thompson He had a much more aggressive version in the Sam Raimi movies where the bully even uses physical aggression against Peter. Who played it? Joe Manganiello, in charge of bringing the villain to life Deathstroke at DC Extended Universe, where was the bad guy going to be Batman directed by Ben Affleck which was finally canceled.

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