The most hilarious memes of Macron’s visit to French Polynesia

The official visit of the French president Emmanuel Macron to French polynesia It has caused a whole cataract of memes on social networks. The authorities of the country received him by placing the typical flower necklace, an image that was repeated over and over again and that did not go unnoticed by Internet users.

Below you can see the real video of the reception. How Macron is greeted with him traditional protocol from French Polynesia and ends up with his neck full of necklaces, about five or six:

This is the reality. But fiction is much more fun. Twitter users have pulled from his irony and usual humor to comment on Macron’s visit. This was the first manipulated video to go viral:

And as a result of this, users filled the networks with witty comments that bring a smile to the viewer. Here you can see a compilation of the best:

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