The most inspiring phrases on International Yoga Day 2021

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This June 21, the International Day of Yoga 2021 is celebrated, a discipline that is crossing borders and that is growing. Because there are many benefits of this type of exercise that is already seen as a lifestyle. Look at the phrases most Las most inspiring phrases on International Yoga Day 2021.

It should be noted that it is based on maintaining our mind and body well, and this is through constant exercise and its movements.

For those who consider themselves highly evolved people and are proud of themselves, yoga cuts down on egotism. BKS Iyengar

You can’t always control what happens outside. But you can always control what happens inside. Mr. Yoga

Balancing asanas are conductive threads that harmoniously connect spiritual aspirations with elemental and daily well-being. Joaquin. G. Weil

Friendship, compassion, and joy clarify and calm the mind. They should be practiced both in happiness and in misfortune, both with those who help us and with those who harm us.

Yoga is the fountain of youth, you are as young as your spine is flexible. Yogi Hatha most inspiring phrases on International Yoga Day 2021.

You cannot do yoga. Yoga is a natural state. What you can do are yoga exercises, which can reveal when you are resisting your natural state. Sharon gannon

Do not pay attention to the faults of others or to the things that others have done or have not done, just consider for yourself what you have done or have not done yourself. Buddha

Healthy people and plants produce abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, a healthy person smiles and is happy like the rays of the sun.

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Yoga is the mental tendency that leads us to realize our highest potential. Sri Krishnamacharya

Yoga is in fact a science in which you work with yourself. If you don’t want to work for yourself and you don’t want to measure your energy, to know where the blockage is, that’s fine. It is not for everyone. Yogi Bhajan

The main goal of yoga is the realization of the self or the elevation of the body and mind towards the soul. BKS Iyengar

It doesn’t matter how deep you go in a pose; what matters is who you are when you get there. Max strom

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