The most intimate scene of Jamie and Claire in Outlander that teaches Bridgerton a lesson

The most intimate scene of Jamie and Claire in Outlander that teaches Bridgerton a lesson

In the last moment Outlander it became one of the most watched series worldwide. Its posting on Netflix increased the possibility of reaching more people and one of the reasons is the chemistry that Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe transmit in their roles as Jamie and Claire Fraser. And, despite the fact that there are many period series today, none can reach it.

However, in addition to the incredible setting, characterization of the characters and the acting level of each of the interpreters, Outlander managed to get out of the ordinary in terms of sexual scenes. And, one of the clear examples is in the first season when Jamie and Claire consummate their marriage in the least expected way.

Jamie, a man born in Scotland in the 1700s, had his own customs. At that time, according to the story and the series itself, men did not care about taking care of women in sexual relations and more than an act full of love, it was plagued with violence. That is why, Claire took it upon herself to show him that, without hurting the other person, the two of them could enjoy themselves.

I mean, Claire’s intentions were nothing more than to enjoy a night of making love and not having rough and painful sex. This is because she, a time traveler, arrived in 1900 more specifically 200 years later when, despite limited resources, women were already an iota more experienced and had more rights.

Claire was the one who taught Jamie to be romantic. Photo: (Starz)

And, with this scene, Outlander He managed to break all the stereotypes in which it is always a man who has to teach a woman how to relate in bed. In fact, with this kind of thing, the series based on Diana Gabaldón’s books also gave a shocking lesson to Bridgerton, the production of Shonda Rhimes which is set between the time of Jamie and Claire, that is, the 1800.

Regé-Jean Page y Phoebe Dynevor. Photo Credits: (Netflix)

Regé-Jean Page y Phoebe Dynevor. Photo Credits: (Netflix)

Is that in Bridgerton It is still a taboo to talk about sex and the young women, who are presented to the court to define their marital situation, do not know anything about how to consummate their relationship. So much so that the Duke of Hastings, played by Regé-Jean Page, is the one who teaches Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) how to please herself and, moreover, how children are conceived.

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