The most obvious musical plagiarisms

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They say that everything is created. But there is always some way or another to innovate with new sounds or catchy songs. Apparently, some singers – or rather composers– they cannot disguise when taking references, resulting in a very obvious plagiarism. If you are a fan of music and want to know what were the legal scandals that resonated the most in recent decades, review the complete list with all the topicss.

+ 4 obvious musical plagiarisms

4. Crazy – Shakira

On repeated occasions, Shakira of plagiarism in their songs. And it was not only theories of users on the Internet, but it was also determined by justice. The clearest example was his song Loca, which in turn is inspired by the theme Crazy with her tíguere by El Cata. As ruled in a trial that took place in 2014, it is a copy of one of the Dominican’s tracks Ramon Arias Vasquez. Her representatives said that she “had no idea” that it was a well-known song.

3. Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr.

You may have never seen the movies of Ghostbusters but there is something very clear: his song is unmistakable. However, the theme composed in 1984 by Ray Parker Jr., it actually sounds very similar to that of Huey Lewis and The News, titled as I Want a New Drug, just released that same year. After the premiere of the film, a lawsuit was initiated that culminated in an out-of-court settlement.

2. Wanna be starting something – Michael Jackson

The album Thriller from Michael Jackson it will always be remembered in the history of music. This album of pure pop began with the musical theme Wanna be starting something, composed in 1983. But… something sounded familiar about its melody. And it is that the author had taken clear references from Soul Makossa 1972, composed of Manu Dibango. For the corresponding rights, the singer had to pay 200 thousand dollars.

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1. Burred Lines – Robin Ticke y Pharrel Williams

Plagiarism or tribute? That was the big question when the hit song Blurred Lines began to sound everywhere with the voices of Robin Ticke y Pharrel Williams. The sound is practically identical to that of Marvin Gaye in 1977 with Got to give it up. The Los Angeles court concluded that the popular singers had to pay more than $ 7 million to the artist’s family, among other compensation for the undisputed copy.

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