The most painful loss for fans: Why did Jeffrey Dean Morgan leave Grey’s Anatomy?

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Viewers have a special soft spot for medical dramas. Think of iconic fictions like ER Emergencies in the 90s, or more recent ones like The Good Doctor O New Amsterdam they show the amount of followers they usually have. But if there was one that marked the history of television, that was Grey’s Anatomy, with Ellen Pompeo as its central figure since the show’s emergence in 2005.

One of the actors who went through this fiction created by Shonda Rhimes it was Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Although the actor today is, perhaps, more associated with The Walking Dead so done as Negan, his great leap came from the hand of Grey’s Anatomy. In the medical drama of ABC was in charge of giving life to Denny.

After 23 episodes in Grey’s Anatomy, Jeffrey Dean Morgan said goodbye forever. The reason for his departure was cardiac arrest, which ended his character’s life after receiving a transplant. Although he returned in some chapters after his death, his presence no longer occurred in the same way. In fact, Izzie, the doctor she played Katherine Heigl, she was never the same again after the death of this character with whom she fell deeply in love.

Denny passed away in the second season. (IMDb)

Apparently the reason for the departure of Denny it had nothing to do with a decision of Jeffrey but with the firm stance of Shonda Rhimes to finish your tour in Grey’s Anatomy. In an interview he gave in Los Angeles Times, the actor said that it was “Dark” for him to have to leave the series, and that he asked “please” to the screenwriter not to delete it.

“I came up with many ideas to be able to return”explained Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The actor of Grey’s Anatomy He even proposed that he have a twin brother who was a children’s surgeon. However, he was unable to convince Shonda Rhimes to change your mind. However, this did not change his opinion on the series. “If it weren’t for the show, I wouldn’t have the career I have”, he knew how to say.

The star who had his reunion with Grey’s Anatomy fans

Beyond that at the moment it is unlikely that Jeffrey Dean Morgan go back to Grey’s AnatomyIf the series showed something, it is that it always finds ways to bring the most beloved characters of the fans. Without going any further, the last season featured the reappearance of a historic of the show, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey).

Alicia Robbins, director of photography for the show, said: “As soon as it came in it was like, ‘Oh my God, it looks exactly the same.’ But we wanted to make sure that in its limbo, it looked the best it could be.”. The director revealed that she did not know about the participation of Dempsey until he was on the beach where they shot. “It was a lot of fun watching them perform together. I know it took years for them to work together again. They looked like old friends meeting again. They laughed a lot, joked together. That was beautiful”, he assured.

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