The Most Popular Celebrity Entertainment

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Almost all people have a hobby and celebrities are no exception to the rule. Many of them love thrills and intense emotions. Their life is full of exciting moments and interesting events. Some famous people collect stamps, others play their favorite slots in poker sites not on GamStop. Famous personalities prefer to stand out even with their amusements, so we have prepared for you a selection of the most popular entertainment among celebrities.

Snowboard & Downhill Skiing

man in black jacket and blue pants riding on snowboard under white clouds during daytime

Nowadays, snowboarding and skiing is a trend among top celebrities. For instance, Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake can be noted among the ardent fans of snowy peaks. Ashton Kutcher just enjoys snowboarding, whilst Mr. Timberlake does not miss a single ski season and can even compete with professional athletes.

The wife of the famous football player Victoria Beckham is also considered a fan of alpine skiing. She believes that skiing is the best exercise for the legs. So, when skiing, she loses at least 400 calories per hour. Besides, you can meet Prince William with Kate Middleton, Gwen Stefani, Kate Moss, Mariah Carrie, and Heidi Klum on the slopes.

Computer Games & Online Casinos

Mila Kunis has a rather unusual hobby for a girl. She can play World of Warcraft all day long. According to the actress, only the need to visit the set can pull her out of the virtual world.

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria loves both land-based and online casinos. Her favorite type of gambling is poker. Eva is so in love with card games that she was even going to open her own casino with her friend Victoria Beckham. No account casino UK lovers include Matt Damon, George Clooney, Cameron Diaz, and Ben Affleck.

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Actor Keanu Reeves is one of Hollywood’s most avid motorcyclists. The star is so obsessed with the speed that it crashed more than once. Despite the serious consequences, Keanu still cannot live without motorcycles. Today Keanu even has his bike production.

Among the star, motorcyclists are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bradley Cooper, and Todd Phillips. Actor Ewan McGregor also cannot imagine his life without a motorcycle. In 2004, together with his mate Charlie Burman, he made a real trip around the world.


Jessica Alba loves to dive into the depths of the sea. On the set, the actress had to dive underwater more than once, so she decided to undergo international certification.

An actress Sandra Bullock can also be called a diving lover. The actress’ passion for the unknown depths of the sea is shared by James Cameron, as evidenced by his films “The Abyss”, “Titanic”, and others. The filmmaker enjoys diving on a professional level.


Cameron Diaz is among the surfing stars. She believes that this attraction helps her to rest and feel freedom. Actor Matthew McConaughey took his first riding lessons in 2008 while preparing for the filming of Surfer and has continued to surf. Among the star fans of water sports are Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, and footballer David Beckham, who not only skates well himself but also taught his sons how to stand well on the board.

Horseback Riding

It is known that on her 60th birthday, Madonna arranged horse races along the ocean. The thing is that the star loves horses. When Madonna first got into the stable, she immediately realized that equestrianism is her cup of tea. Once Louise Ciccone (the performer’s real name) fell from a horse, broke several ribs, and wore a corset for a long time. But even the injury she received could not cool the stellar love for horses and horse riding, so as soon as Madonna recovered, she returned to her studies.

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Johnny Depp is among the horse fans. The actor has repeatedly demonstrated his excellent riding skills in the films “Dead Man”, “The Lone Ranger”, “The Man Who Cried”, and “Sleepy Hollow”. Johnny rode himself and did not use an understudy. By the way, during the filming of Sleepy Hollow, the star became friends with his partner in the film, a one-eyed horse named Golden, and he took her to him.


Hugh Jackman always delights fans with his ideal physical form. The actor performs plenty of risky stunts in films. This is not surprising, as in ordinary life he is also extreme. On The Oprah Winfrey Show, Hugh Jackman demonstrated his zipline enthusiasm. The celebrity descended on a zip line from the roof of the Sydney Opera House. The stunt was so extreme that Jackman nearly lost his left eye.


In 2004, Angelina Jolie received a license to operate her plane. The actress decided to master the pilot’s profession to please her son Maddox, who loves the sky very much. Since childhood, the actor John Travolta also dreamed of flying an airplane. So, at the age of 36, he received a piloting license as well.

Another star pilot is Tom Cruise. He has a license to fly both an aircraft and a helicopter. During the filming of the second part of Top Ghana, the actor even wanted to pilot the fighter on his own, for which he underwent special training.

The Bottom Line

So, as you see there are so many different kinds of entertainment among celebrities. Some of them prefer extreme pastimes, others tend to calm rest.

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