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the most popular DC characters

Superman and batman are two superheroes who marked an era and drove DC Comics as one of the most successful brands in the graphic novel industry. The leap to the big screen only strengthened that trend with each of the versions of these characters that came to impact the general public. The truth is DC It has characters that are very popular.

Through the last years and with the explosion that the superhero genre had in the cinema, many heroes and villains managed to conquer audiences around the world with their participation in different projects. Even more so with the arrival of DC Extended Universe and the intention of the brand to unify the different franchises under the same story in the same way it did Marvel. Let’s review the most popular DC characters!

+ The most popular DC Comics characters

5. Green Lantern

Hal Jordan is a fighter pilot who one day receives the ring of the Green Lantern Corps from Abin Sur, a member of that intergalactic police who chooses him as his successor before dying. The powerful element gives its wearer the ability to create everything he can imagine and through his will to give strength to those manifestations.

4. The Flash

Barry Allen he was struck by lightning that, together with some chemical substances, changed him forever. He is now the fastest human on the planet. So, assume the identity of Flash and is dedicated to protecting Central City. It is also part of the Justice League. The quantum capacity of this character allows him to travel in time and realities, something that we will see in his next film within the DCEU.

3. Harley Quinn

The doctor Harleen Quinzel met the Joker at Arkham Asylum where she fell in love with the Clown Prince of Crime and helped him escape from that prison. So, she became the girlfriend of the dangerous criminal and together they terrorized Gotham. The character was created for the popular 1990s Batman animated series and Margot Robbie prompted her with her performance in the DCEU.

2. Wonder Woman

Princess Diana of Themiscira is one of the most powerful Amazons! Armed with the lasso of truth and her indestructible bracelets, added to her years of training and the power granted to her by the gods, make her one of the fundamental heroines of DC. On TV she was played by Linda Carter and in the DC Extended Universe that responsibility fell on the actress Gal Gadot.

1. Joker

Gotham City’s number one villain and great rival to the Dark Knight. There are many versions of the origin of this character, but the most accepted includes a chemical bath after a fall after facing Batman. The Joker He is extremely intelligent and unpredictable and his clown image hides absolute evil. There were several versions of the character on the big screen: César Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix and Jared Leto at DCEU.

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