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Life is one and must be lived with love! Of course, cinema is not all superheroes and action, as is the current trend. There is also a place for romance and emotion, with films that take us to the most empathetic and noble feelings that a human being can have. We remember titles like Titanic with Jack and Rose, Bridget Jones O Pretty Woman. Passion ignites with those tapes …

But who is the most romantic actor of the millennium? The question is answered after a study by Diamonds Factory that includes 8000 titles on IMDb with the most pigeonholed actors in this special genre. The results were filtered to focus on the love movies that were released from the year 2000 to this part. The winner will surely surprise you!

The most romantic actor of the millennium

The name of the most romantic actor of the millennium is:Paul Rudd! An interpreter closely associated with comedy and also one of the members of the Avengers. Sure, he brings life to Ant-Man at Marvel Cinematic Universe and has already participated in many films of the brand as the witty and charismatic Scott Lang. However, there is a romantic side that transformed him into the winner of the contest that concerns us.

Paul Rudd He starred in 21 romantic films from 2000 to now, among which he played Peter Klaven in I love you, uncle (2009); George Gergenblatt en Take me out of paradise (2012), in which he personifies the other half of a couple experimenting with alternative life options and Pete in If it was easy (2012). What a surprise Paul gave us with this impressive record that ranks him as one of the heartthrob of contemporary cinema.

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A peculiarity? The actor is not the only member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the list. In that sense, the protagonist of Ant-Man left behind Bradley Cooper, Mark Ruffalo, Owen Wilson y Jude Law, all with a background in the brand that the executive is successfully leading Kevin Feige and that has been expanding a magnificently cohesive Cinematic Universe for more than 10 years.

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