The most searched term in Google in 2021: neither the Coronavirus nor the Squid Game

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This is what we said in the news that reviewed the most searched in Google in 2020: “… At the gates of a 2021 that promises to bring hope and the long-awaited normalcy that we wish to recover ”. Spoiler, it ain’t been like this yet, so we look to 2022 with some suspicion, dreaming that this ***** ends now. But we cannot guess the future, although we can review the past. And that’s what Google has done just today.

Google and 2021

Every year, the most used search engine on the Internet publishes its search results, the terms that people have ‘googled’ the most. And at the international level, Overall Top Ten does not include Coronavirus or vaccines or anything, but yes series like The Squid Game, artists like rapper DMX who died suddenly this 2020 and others.

Curiously, the biggest search of the year It has been nothing with respect to the pandemic, but a sporting event and in addition to Cricket: Australia vs India, which became the most googled in the week of January 10 – 16 and has not been surpassed in the rest of the year.

In the most sought after news we already see the issue of Covid vaccines, or the Afghanistan conflict: between movie and human actors, the sad event of The death of cinematographer Halyna Hurchins on a film set has made Alec Baldwin have covered both listings, as well as others like Armie Hammer and the scandal related to messages of erotic fantasies – cannibals that was sent with her lover.

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DMX It also tops the list of deceased, and Marvel reigns supreme among movie searches with its three premieres of the year: Eternals, Black Widow y Shang-Chi. The Squid Game takes over the list of TV shows, and among the most sought-after teams is FC Barcelona and a Real Madrid that rises to the first place.

Most searched on Google in 2021

General searches

  1. Australia vs India
  2. India vs England
  3. IPL
  4. NBA
  5. Euro 2021
  6. America Cup
  7. India vs New Zealand
  8. T20 World Cup
  9. Squid Game
  10. DMX


  1. Afghanistan
  2. AMC Stock
  3. COVID Vaccine
  4. Dogecoin
  5. GME Stock
  6. Stimulus Check
  7. Georgia Senate Race
  8. Hurricane Ida
  9. COVID
  10. Ethereum Price

Actors actresses

  1. Alec Baldwin
  2. Pete Davidson
  3. Aryan Khan
  4. Gina Carano
  5. Armie Hammer
  6. Carmen Salinas placeholder image
  7. Shehnaaz Gill
  8. Elliot Page
  9. Dave Chappelle
  10. Brenda Song


  1. Christian Eriksen
  2. Tiger Woods
  3. Simone Biles
  4. Emma Raducanu
  5. Henry Ruggs III
  6. Neeraj Chopra
  7. Shohei Ohtani
  8. Odell Beckham Jr.
  9. Rafael Nadal
  10. Tyson Fury


  1. Birria tacos
  2. Fried rice
  3. Made pasta
  4. Charcuterie board
  5. Ginger grilled (Shōgayaki)
  6. Potato Soup
  7. Teriyaki Amberjack for the first time
  8. Pork soup (Tonjiru)
  9. Baked oats
  10. Overnight oats


  1. PopCat
  2. FIFA 22
  3. Battlefield 2042
  4. Monster Hunter Rise
  5. Resident Evil Village
  6. Genshin Impact
  7. Call of Duty: Vanguard
  8. Far Cry 6
  9. Madden NFL 22
  10. Metroid Dread


  1. Eternals
  2. Black Widow
  3. Dune
  4. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
  5. Red Notice
  6. Mortal Kombat
  7. Cruella
  8. Halloween Kills
  9. Godzilla vs. Kong
  10. Army of the Dead


  1. Alec Baldwin
  2. Kyle Rittenhouse
  3. Christian Eriksen
  4. Tiger Woods
  5. Simone Biles
  6. Joe Biden
  7. Emma Raducanu
  8. Derek Chauvin
  9. Henry Ruggs III
  10. Pete Davidson


  1. drivers license, Olivia Rodrigo
  2. MONTERO (Call Me by Your Name), Lil Nas X
  3. INDUSTRY BABY, Lil Nas X feat. Jack Harlow
  4. Fancy Like, Walker Hayes
  5. MAP, SB19
  6. good 4 u, Olivia Rodrigo
  7. Butter, BTS
  8. Jalebi Baby, Tesher
  9. Wellerman, Nathan Evans
  10. Good Days, SZA

Sport teams

  1. Real Madrid CF
  2. Chelsea F.C.
  3. Paris Saint-Germain FC
  4. FC Barcelona
  5. Palmeiras Sports Society
  6. Los angeles lakers
  7. Sport Club Corinthians Paulista
  8. Boston Red Sox
  9. Sao Paulo FC
  10. Manchester City F.C.

TV series

  1. Squid Game
  2. Bridgerton
  3. WandaVision
  4. Cobra Kai
  5. Loki
  6. Sweet Tooth
  7. Lupin
  8. Ginny and Georgia
  9. True Beauty
  10. BBB21


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