The most viewed video on YouTube set a new record

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In the world of virals, there is a production that wins absolutely everyone. It has been the most viewed on the platform for 15 months in a row.

The video is 5 years old.
© GettyThe video is 5 years old.

On the internet there is content for all tastes but it is clear that for creators the main thing is always to target as many people as possible. After all, it is what allows them to make money from the monetization of their channels. When it comes to viral videos, there is one that beats absolutely everyone and has been at the top of the charts for 15 months in a row. YouTube. It is a production that reached Nickelodeon and will soon disembark in Netflix.

Last Thursday there was a new record of views and a video of YouTube reached the incredible 10 billion views mark for the first time. This is the famous video of “Baby Shark Dance” (We apologize if you stay singing this song until late at night now). In 2016 it was published for the first time on the platform and four years later it reached the top, surpassing another of the streaming successes such as the song by Luis Fonsi Y Daddy Yankee, “Slowly”.

Nowadays, “Baby Shark” He is 2.3 billion views ahead of “Slowly” as the most watched video in the history of YouTube. Thanks to the success of this production, an empire was built that included an animated series that reached Nickelodeon in 2020, live tours around the world, merchandising that reaches all markets, video games and even NFTs (virtual collectibles that are worth a lot of money).

“It has been a truly heartfelt journey to be able to witness how ‘Baby Shark” connected with people around the world and we can’t wait to present the future adventures of ‘Baby Shark’ that will bring unprecedented experiences to even more fans.”, assured the CEO of Pinkfon, Min-seok Kim, of the company behind the phenomenon. the series of Nickelodeon will have a second season, a movie was confirmed in development and also a singing special for Netflix.

Ed Sheeran’s pride

Among the 5 most viewed videos in the history of the platform there is not only one song, but together with “Slowly” appears one of the great successes of Ed Sheeran. Is about “Shape of you”, launched in 2017, which until the end of last year had more than 5.5 billion views on the platform and was in fourth place. Above him, in last place on the podium, is another children’s product, the song “Johnny Johnny Yes Papa”, which gets him more than 400 million reproductions in YouTube.

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