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The movie that was a sensation at the Oscars is now on Netflix

In recent years, the films that participated in the category a Best Foreign Film in the delivery of The Oscar Awards They knew how to have great relevance worldwide. Just look at the winners in the 2019 ceremonies, Roma, 2020, Parasite, and 2021, Another round, to understand the scope of these projections. Today, all three tapes can be seen in the catalog of Netflix, thanks to the addition of the film of Thomas Vinterberg to the platform.

Another round joined Netflix and it quickly became one of the trends in its catalog. The story starring Mads Mikkelsen focuses on the lives of four high school teachers who are going through the crisis of 40. So they decide to carry out a little experiment to get ahead.

One of the teachers tells his friends that he read a thinker’s theory suggesting that life gets better if you can balance your blood alcohol level. To do this, everyone will agree to start each day with a small helping drink. Little by little, things will begin to deteriorate.

Thomas Vinterberg was also nominated for his role as director. (K&S Films)

Although it looks like a movie that apologizes to alcoholism, Another round defines itself as a production that seeks to celebrate life. This was told by several of those responsible for this film, including the director of photography Sturla Brandth Grøvlen. “They realized that they had to show all the edges of the effects of alcohol, without taking sides”, he assured.

Mads Mikkelsen’s dance that became an icon of the film

Among the most remembered moments of Another round, one that will undoubtedly go down to posterity is the dance of Mads Mikkelsen. To the rhythm of “What a Life”, the song of Scarlet Pleasure, the Danish actor once again showed his skills in dance. It had been almost thirty years without performing a musical number.

otra ronda another round druk mads mikkelsen thomas vinterberg

Mads Mikkelsen’s dance became the sensation of the film. (IMDb)

The cinematographer of Another round He said that they even evaluated finishing the film earlier, without including it in the story because they feared that “It will end up being a silly Bollywood musical number”. In addition to highlighting the importance of “Find the right music”, Brandth Grøvlen assured: “It ended up being an iconic scene. I think it was a scene that I don’t know if it worried us, but it was a gamble “.

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