the movie with the most views on HBO Max in 2021

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2021 was a great year for HBO Max that premiered films belonging to important franchises in the history of cinema, such as the cases of Godzilla vs. Kong, which faces the two most popular monsters in history or The Suicide Squad, which belongs to DC Extended Universe where characters of the stature of Batman and Superman or the popularly rising Harley Quinn live.

However, these were not the films with the most reproductions in HBO Max during 2021. The most successful film is a remake that improves on what its past versions did in the cinema. Not only that, we are talking about a film that is based on one of the bloodiest video games in gaming history. Did you already guessed? Is about Mortal Kombat. ¡Finish Him!

HBO Max’s Most Successful Movie of 2021

The remake of Mortal Kombat, starring Lewis Tan and Jessica McNamee, is the winner among all the films released by Warner Bros in 2021 through the platform HBO Max, where it garnered an impressive 3.8 million views in the United States catalog. The results are based on the first 4 days of the film’s release and the playback for at least 5 minutes of the content.

It is worth noting the good performance of two other titles presented in the service: Godzilla vs. Kong was the second-most-viewed movie with 3.6 million views while the hit movie The Suicide Squad came to the podium in third place with 2.8 million. The truth is that there is controversy. Why? Fans of Zack Snyder’s Justice League they think that tape had better numbers but that Warner he hides that performance because of his controversy with the SnyderVerse.

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Meanwhile, despite not receiving the best reviews from specialists, Mortal Kombat it was a commercial success for Warner and as it turns out, in these cases there may be a sequel to this story full of kicks and pineapples. Resources will not be lacking, the mythology of the video game is full of characters and plots from which a new film can benefit. Fatality!

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