The moving story of Rusty, the dog who had both eyes gouged out and was able to get a family

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The story of the Beagle dog named Rusty has moved in the social networks. Despite suffering the removal of his eyes because his life was in danger, the dog found a family that would give him the care and love that he had been looking for so much for years. The case has been shared by many users and they thanked Darrell Chulack for practically being the guardian angel of this noble dog.

Doctors diagnosed Rusty with a serious eye condition. Therefore, the animal underwent double enucleation surgery on October 4 in the (HARP), which caused her to lose her eyeballs and her eyelids stitched up.

“Our vets have a lot of experience with this procedure. We also thought it best to have this surgery done before Rusty was available for adoption, so potential adopters wouldn’t be worried about having to face this surgery in the future. ” explained Michele Frennier, HARP’s chief marketing officer, at .

After the operation there was concern for the future of the dog, since it was not known if he would find a new home due to his advanced age. However, Darrell Chulack and his family appeared to become Rusty’s guardian angels.

“My daughter Kristen had seen Rusty on Facebook and kept telling me to adopt him. I went to the Humane Society after two weeks of her scolding me and I visited Rusty. He came over and started licking my fingers and wagging his tail. He actually melted my heart. “Darrell indicated.

According to Darrell Chulack, “The reason I adopted Rusty was that he already had enough pain and grief in his life. Rusty was an older dog with a disability and my heart wouldn’t let me leave him there, so I adopted him right there. My family and I gave Rusty a new life. “.

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Now, Rusty is part of the Chulack family and has already won two Chihuahuan brothers named Bella and Chalupa, along with fellow cat Tarzan.

It is a breed of dog considered to be good with other pets and children. They are generally cheerful and are fond of. They prefer company and rank high for barking excessively and can be difficult to train and obey.

If you plan to adopt a dog, you must be of legal age and have financial income to cover the expenses of the pet while it is under their care. There are many animals that are abandoned or mistreated and are waiting for a home.

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