The moving tale of Brian Brooks, the MMA fighter who rescued his wife from the rubble

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In the social networks, is shaking the viral story Brian Brooks, who rescued his wife and several other workers from the rubble. The veteran MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter combined brute force and ingenuity to perform this feat in U.S. The story sparked thousands of reactions in Facebook.

Extreme tornadoes continue to destroy entire communities. In Kentucky, the most affected US state in recent weeks, at least 74 people died and another 100 disappeared, according to Governor Andy Beshear.

In that sense, Brian Brooks, a mixed martial arts fighter for about 14 years, considered that “It is a miracle that I have found” alive to his wife and sister-in-law, who were trapped in a candle factory that was swept away by a tornado.

Last Friday night, Brooks was lying in his bed when he suddenly received a “phone call”. “Is my wife. He calls me and tells me that he loves me, that he’s trapped, and that they are devastated. And hung up “Brian stated.

Immediately, Brian Brooks, without thinking twice, started his partner’s truck and drove to the destroyed factory, despite warnings from the National Weather Service to stay off the roads.

When he got to the company, Brooks walked over to the screaming people, careful where he stepped, and pulled the workers out of the rubble. “I started to climb and find people, just helping everyone I could ”, remembered the fighter.

Fortunately, Brian also managed to rescue his wife Roberta and her sister. Both were transferred to the nearest hospital to receive medical attention. “It was like the worst war movie you see on television. People who shouted that you couldn’t see in the dark ”, Held.

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According to Brian Brooks, his sister-in-law, who ended up crushed on top of Roberta, noticed the “Crazy shoes” of the fighter. “I knew it was me, he started yelling ‘Brian’. I was like, ‘Oh my God,’ and I started trying to strip (…) everything was on top of them. “, pointed to .

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