The mysterious “reptile” that scared some neighbors turned out to be a giant croissant

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On Facebook We can find not only curious photographs, but also unusual stories such as, for example, that of a publication recently made on the aforementioned social network by the Polish Society for the Protection of Animals that motivated the participation of both Internet users and several of its workers.

A few days ago, a neighbor from Krakow noticed that there was something striking in one of the trees in the neighborhood. It was about a kind of light brown mass, which at first glance resembled the cocoons that certain insects form.

Although he was astonished at first, that feeling quickly faded as he imagined that the animal would soon no longer be there. However, this did not happen and that ‘thing’ remained motionless and unperturbed.

That is how he decided to alert the Society for the Protection of Animals. The workers indicated to him, based on the description he gave them, that it would be a dead iguana whose skin was already dry due to weather. They had to go save her.

As the days went by, a team from the entity approached the area to remove the corpse of that unidentified being. When they came and climbed the tree they noticed that it was a croissant giant.

How did such a snack get there? It is not known. “I suspect that some joker wanted to scare the lady,” commented a user of Facebook.

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