The Mystery of In The Dark Season 5: What Could Have Been

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The Mystery of In The Dark Season 5

The intense crime drama ‘In The Dark’ is grabbing the attention of the spectators. Since the conclusion of season 4, spectators have been wondering about In The Dark season 5.

The show’s compelling storyline makes the audience curious for another season. We understand the curiosity, though. The series is filled with mysterious happenings keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.

In The Dark is a police procedural thriller following the story of a blind girl Murphy. The only friend Murphy has is her roommates Jess and Tyson. But her life takes a tragic turn when she stumbles upon a dead body that gives resemblance to her best friend, Tyson.

Murphy calls the cops, but the body of her best friend disappears by the time the cops arrive. Now who will believe a blind girl about a disappeared body? The cops see nothing to investigate, but Murphy makes it her only goal to find out what happened to her best friend, Tyson.

Soon Murphy’s life is surrounded by dangerous truths. In The Dark, being a story revolving around friendship and commitment, is engaging to watch. But is there going to be In The Dark season 5? That is the kind of mystery we must solve.

Will There Be In The Dark Season 5?

Let’s jump right into the details. In The Dark, season 5 is unfortunately not going to happen. During the time of season 4, The CW already announced that it’s going to be the final season. The audience is quite sceptical about the finale. Murphy’s mysterious life finally came to its dark conclusion in season 4.

But all of us hoped for another season. According to our sources, the show’s writers planned two different endings for Murphy’s story. The cancellation of the show came after the filming of season 4. The two endings included a series ending with a cliffhanger and a season ending with a satisfactory conclusion.

Corinne Kingsbury explained, “We hadn’t gotten picked up as we were writing the end of the season, and we knew there was a possibility we wouldn’t get a Season 5, so we wrote and shot two endings — one with a cliffhanger, and one that wraps up our series in a satisfying way.” They selected the most satisfying way to wrap up the whole series.

What Would Have Been The Plot Of In The Dark Season 5?

Though there will not be In The Dark season 5, there are still a few speculations among the audience. It would have been incredible to follow the story of Murphy and her dangerous life. The show’s team believed that if they could have gotten another season, there were multiple ways the story would have taken place.

Perry Mattfeld gave the audience a little hint about how the story of Murphy would have turned out in season 5.

“I think our season 5 would have been interesting to see where Murphy does go. Does she care if she gets caught? Is she just going to run away with Felix and see how long they can hide and kind of, you know, would we have seen her in a completely different place? Would she just be alone?

I don’t know. There are so many ways that could have gone. I think I can say, this is just my opinion, but that most of our fans will feel happy, justified, and proud of Murphy for getting some revenge after everything she’s had to go through over the last four seasons.”

Reason Behind The Cancelation Of In The Dark Season 5

The engaging series was cancelled due to the merger of Warner Bros. Discovery. Multiple shows were cancelled. In The Dark has likely been cancelled to accommodate the new network’s plans. The team of the series had expectations regarding the cancellation.

The audiences are also expecting a spin-off show, but we don’t think there will be any at the moment. However the show concluded, spectators wanted to see more of the mystery and thrill. Spectators are also pretty disappointed regarding the cancellation of this spectacular series.


The ending of In The Dark shook the audience. What do you think about the conclusion of In The Dark? We believe there should have been more seasons and more mysteries to solve. Though, we are also happy that the team of the series did their best to end it in the best way possible in such a short period.

You are welcome to drop your opinions on the cancellation of this incredible show in the comments section below. You can even stay tuned with us for future updates on the series.

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