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The Mystery of Viral Sensation Hawk Tuah Girl Deepens

The rise of Hawk Tuah Girl continues as misinformation, rumors, and more oral arguments swirl around the viral sensation.

Ever since the clip of the southern girl started making the rounds of her offering some interesting sexual advice, she’s blown up into the biggest media storm sensation since Chick-fil-A Sauce Girl.

We will try to uncover some rumors, misinformation, and facts about the loogie-inspired young lady. After all, we need to get to the bottom of it sooner rather than later and spit out facts. As we reported, she now has representation and a lawyer, so things should get sorted out soon. But for now, we’ll do the best we can.

First, there’s a big mystery surrounding her name. Is it “Hailey” or “Haliey”? Both spellings are used throughout the internet. In our article, we used “Hailey,” but soon were contacted that it was incorrect by her, ahem, team, and it was “Haliey.” We quickly made the change.

According to her Instagram, “Haliey” is the correct spelling. So, it seems like this is the correct one, if this is FOR SURE her Instagram account, which appears to be considering the links to this one from numerous other articles.

That said, there are already a ton of fake accounts that aren’t hers. Most of them are labeled “Hawk Tuah Girl” instead of her name. Again though, this account seems legit, with only a few postings, links, and more. It’s a spitting image of an official account.

Now that we have that cleared up let’s confirm where her rise to fame came from. It stemmed from a TikTok interview by creator Tim and Dee TV. The clip posted on June 11 showed the content creators asking women, “What is one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?”

The clip is actually pretty long, unbeknownst to many people who only saw Welch’s less-than-10-second response: “You gotta give ’em that hawk tuah and spit on that thang!”

Rumors have swirled that she was a preschool teacher at Epstein Day School and was fired. If the school’s name didn’t give it to you, this came from a fake account. In reality, she worked at a spring factory in Tennessee. That job is over, though, as she just quit due to her newfound fame. After all, she can make more money spitting in jars than any hourly rate could offer (which it sounds like she’s not actually doing at this point).

Also, there was a rumor that her father was a pastor. That, also, is not true. According to her, he’s actually really cool and happy with all of the fame that his daughter is experiencing, despite how it happened due to an oral sex tip.

Hawk Tuah Girl cleared up much of this when she appeared on the Plan Bri Uncut podcast recently. She was upfront about it all, and it was the public’s first look at her in a more natural setting beyond the streets of the Nashville party scene.

Now that she’s more famous than many movie stars, what’s next for her? She has representation with Penthouse management firm and a lawyer; now, she’s getting into comedy.

TMZ reports that Welch filed a trademark for the phrase “Hawk Tuah” and she’s looking at a comedy career. The trademark filing is for apparel (e.g., hats, shirts), and the other is for entertainment services, like shows and podcasts.

For now, she’s sold more than $65K in merch. Rolling Stone reported that Fathead Thread has sold approximately 2,000 hats for $32.78 apiece. A signed version is $50.

This is where we’re at with Hawk Tuah Girl. What’s ahead for this fame based on a 10-second clip? It’s hard to tell, but surely she’ll be spitting out more deals, merch, and more soon.

Source: Tim and Dee TV, TMZ, Rolling Stone