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The NBA app turns you into a star player

There is a lot of pressure that NBA players have on them in decisive moments. Losing one or two in the last seconds of the fourth quarter puts all the weight of the possible victory in the hands of the most important player on the team.

Many remember those moments and now, the NBA app turns you into that star player. Record your videos marking the goal dedicated by your favorite NBA team.

3D Scanning technology in the entertainment world

3D scanning is one of the most widely used technologies in the world of entertainment. Whether in video games or in the movies, this technology helps shape characters that come to life in these environments and who otherwise wouldn’t exist.

In addition, thanks to movement interpretation technology, computers are capable of replicating each action in the virtual environment where these models are executed.

The NBA app brings 3D scanning to your smartphone

All this sounds very technical, as if it were something that only a few could handle, but today we are going to show you an application that shows you the opposite.

It turns out that the NBA app has a 3D scanning system that turns you into the star of your favorite team. As you can see in this Instagram video how the application uses the rear camera of your smartphone to read all the parts of your body.

All you need is for someone to take your device, put you in a position where it reads all the parts of your body, select a play and in a few seconds it will put your scanned model in the exact place of the player you want to be. The copy of your avatar is made according to the clothes you have, and the program will adapt everything read so that it is as close as possible to the NBA experience.

See yourself as a player and even show emotions with your face

In addition, and this is most interesting, at times when the camera focuses on the player’s face, not only yours will be seen, but it will also reproduce to a greater or lesser extent the player’s expression with your face that also has previously registered.

Without a doubt, it can be one of the favorite videos for basketball lovers by putting them on their favorite court and being the protagonists of one of the most important moments of their team.

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