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The NCIS Scene That Gave Sean Murray, McGee Actor, a Lifelong Injury

The NCIS Scene That Gave Sean Murray, McGee Actor, a Lifelong Injury

Sean Murray’s anecdote about his injury on the set of “NCIS” is certainly unsettling, especially as it continues to trouble him to some extent even today. Given the numerous action sequences in the show, one might assume that the “NCIS” set is inherently dangerous. Interestingly, other cast members have sustained injuries during seemingly simple shots as well. Murray is not the only one who hurt his thumb on set; Michael Weatherly experienced a similar mishap when he accidentally slammed a car door on his thumb while filming for “NCIS: Los Angeles.” Cote de Pablo also had her share of injuries, dealing with neck pain and bruises on her legs after being hit with cabbages, although she fully recovered from that ordeal. 

These incidents highlight the fact that working on “NCIS” comes with its share of risks, even during scenes that seem harmless. However, what stands out is the resilience of the actors and their continued passion for their roles. Sean Murray is set to return for “NCIS” Season 22, and both Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo are on board for their own spinoff series, “NCIS: Tony & Ziva.” The upcoming series brings up an interesting question: Will the titular couple need assistance from their old friends?

In Season 21 of “NCIS,” McGee, played by Murray, reunited with Weatherly’s character, Tony DiNozzo, suggesting that the two have maintained their friendship. This paves the way for potential future collaborations, possibly necessitating McGee’s expertise in the spinoff. Fans would certainly appreciate seeing McGee, Tony, and Ziva come together again for more than just a podcast episode. 

The hope is that if there should be another reunion in the future, it will be free of any hazardous circumstances, such as a car wash, ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

Source: Looper