The Netflix series that is the most watched in the United States according to Nielsen

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Nielsen updates its audience data every week with a phase lag of almost a month. The consulting firm is among the most prestigious in the world and their figures are benchmarks for the entire industry, so all productions want to lead their rankings. This time the list of the most watched series in the United States was released and the winner is a Netflix event: Virgin River. Review the numbers.

Analysis by Nielsen contemplated the week of July 12-18, where there were great streaming premieres. Among them, the third season of A place to dream on the N platform, which set a trend with 10 new episodes. With a total of 2,109 million minutes viewed, the program was the top choice in the US according to the study.

The romantic phenomenon surpassed a production that had been imposing in the last six weeks: Manifest. With 1,294 billion, the show was in the second position of the most tuned by the spectators. The bad news for fans is that NBC recently canceled it for failing to reach a deal with Netflix.

Third on the list appears Loki with the closing of its first season. The Marvel series on Disney + had the launch of its chapter 6 on July 14 and was the most seen in its catalog. The show starring Tom Hiddleston was very far from Virgin River and Manifest because it added 1.011 billion minutes.

The Top 10 is completed by established hits such as Grey’s Anatomy, Cocomelon y Criminal Minds. In addition to premieres such as the second season of Atypical, which arrived on July 9. The only movie that gets into the ranking is Luca, which was released on June 18 on Disney +.

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Most viewed in America according to Nielsen



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