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The Netflix series that premieres this Friday and has just been renewed for one more season

Netflix is the leading streaming platform. And every month he confirms it with the large number of premieres that he has at the helm. Its catalog has hundreds of very diverse proposals for those who like comedy, horror or even romance. And, now, it has just unveiled the renewal of a series that is about to premiere its third season this Friday. Look we give you some clues.

The story follows the life of a psychopath who hides himself as a sweet and kind young man. Its protagonist is Penn Badgley, who knew how to become known in Hollywood thanks to his role in Gossip Girl, where he shared a cast with nothing less than Blake Lively y Leighton Meester. We assume that you have already had enough information to know which series of Netflix will have a fourth season.

Yeah get ready to jump out of your seat because You has just confirmed the departure of its fourth installment. Just two days before the third can be seen, the streaming giant announced that the story of the sinister Joe Goldberg will continue and it seems that more raw. He published a short video on social networks where he could be seen with his now classic cap carrying out some of his plans.

We still do not know what will happen to him and his life “in family” with Love and their first child together. Judging from the trailer footage, things are going to get very complex for them. Joe’s obsessions will return, only now his partner will be there to follow in his footsteps closely and keep him by his side. This toxic and macabre relationship has dark secrets in the past, so it will haunt you in this third season.

The new episodes can be seen from this Friday, October 15 on the Netflix screen. Badgley and Victoria Pedretti They will obviously resume their main roles, although of course new characters will be added: a mysterious neighbor and a detective who will investigate the couple.

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