The new Amazon Echo hangs on the wall: Echo Show 15

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It is a fact that smart speakers have an increasing presence in homes. They are of great help for all those who want to automate processes either at home or in their needs that include having a smartphone nearby. Some even have a screen that makes them more visually useful, since with a single command you can see what the device offers you. But at Amazon they have surpassed themselves and raised the bar with their Amazon Echo Show 15 hanging on the wall.

An Amazon Echo that hangs on the wall

More and more people are looking to have their home almost automated. This means that you have a hub that controls all the devices connected to your home network and thus do things like heat it up before you get home from work on a cold day or open the blinds to a certain order. But Amazon wants you to do much more with these devices and for this the Amazon Echo Show 15.

It is designed for all those houses in which organization is essential. Yes, it is true that this has to be something normal in all houses, but the truth is that when there are many members, having clear schedules and notes that each one leaves as well as the information of the day is essential. This is achieved through the widgets which They are similar to the ones you have on your Android or iOS phone, so you can have a calendar with appointments, a notes panel to write on or a news section. Of course, the screen is divided into halves, which means that on one side will be the information of the house and on the other side will be the custom widgets.

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If we speak at a technical level, the panel Amazon Echo Show 15 does not go unnoticed. Not just because it hangs on the wall, but because its screen is 15 inches, something like the size of a normal computer screen. In addition, the panel is tactile and it is easy to navigate and write if necessary. It also supports applications and is that you can see both TikTok like Netflix if you have its dedicated apps installed.

As far as price is concerned, the Amazon Echo Show 15 it will cost about $ 249, which at the change would stay at about 300 euros in the case of reaching Spain.


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