The new Dead Space shares its first gameplay images: this is the remake

Motive Studio, as it was progressing yesterday, has completed a special broadcast on the development of the remake de Dead Space, sharing the first details about the title, as well as gameplay sequences, comparative with the original game, some first screenshots belonging to an early stage of its development and much more. Among the most surprising data we find the confirmation by its creators that the game has less than a year in development.

Respect for the original with improvements and news

And it is that even though the first images shared by Motive Studio are provisional and surely they will undergo changes for their final version (as pointed out by their creators), they already offer us an idea of what this remake will look like; so much so, that you can already see how it is evolving graphically with respect to the original despite respecting its artistic design, both of the protagonist and of the enemies and of the environments.

Among the first improvements that those responsible have commented we find a new and more complex dismemberment system, hallmark of the saga and that this time will take advantage of current technology to go one step further. According to Motive Studio, each part of the body of the necromorphs will react to our impacts and shots independently, even being able to separate the meat from the bones of such terrifying monsters.

On the other hand, playable aspects of the sequels have been recovered, such as the possibility of move in any direction at zero gravity levels thanks to thrusters. In addition, they will be included from new challenges to unpublished scenarios, completing a remake that aims to enrich the set and not simply keep all its aspects as in the original. Players who already “suffered” the previous title, will find reasons to play again, especially for a plot with certain licenses and news, as pointed out by its developers.

Isaac Clarke will once again have him original voice actor and Motive Studio has once again insisted that the remake will not present any concessions to no type of micropayment, one of the most controversial aspects of the third installment of the original saga. Still no approximate release date, this remake of Dead Space will be available for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Source | Motive Studio | Gamespot


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