The new iPhone 13 Pro Max case will be compatible with the MagSafe

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Mobile phone users know how important it is to have the phone protected by a case. There are those that with a simple piece of silicone manage to avoid friction on the back, others prefer the book type that give extra coverage to the front and there are those that provide extra shielding against falls and shocks. But today we have to talk about the Apple officials since they have been leaked the new models of silicone cases compatible with the MagSafe of the iPhone 13.

The first cases of the iPhone 13 are seen

Every user puts a cover on his mobile. It does not matter what type it is, although one of the most recent fashions is to have a cover tied to a rope to carry the mobile around the neck. But at Apple they bet on simplicity and keep their classic silicone cases. Everything indicates that they will continue like this with their next terminal, of which the first images have already been seen.

It turns out that, as we see in this Twitter video, it already seems that the first units of the iPhone 13 Pro Max silicone case. Yes, the most premium version of the terminal, which also shows an important feature. This is none other than your MagSafe compatibility which, in case you did not know, are the accessories that are connected or attached to the mobile through a magnet. Regarding its price, the previous version cost 55 euros and could cost the same.

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A similar design to the iPhone 12

The front of the smartphones may be very similar and they do not say much about the design of these or hardly differentiate it. That’s what the back is for, where each manufacturer puts a feature that differentiates its terminal in some way, either in design or by the encapsulation of the cameras. After taking a look at thea new iPhone 13 Pro Max case We can only say that Apple will continue with the same design line in this regard.

A square hole can be seen in the upper left, where the cameras of its predecessor are located. The number of these as well as their capabilities are still a mystery and, although the most likely thing is that it will wear three lenses again in this section, we will have to wait for the bitten apple to announce its next Keynote to know them definitively.


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