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The New Item in Subway – Footlong Pro

Footlong Pro is a recently added item to the menu of Subway that claims to provide double the amount of protein to the customers in a single sandwich. The Footlong Pro has more protein sources and sauces in comparison to the normal sandwich of the subway.

However, if you do not want to have the Footlong Pro in the form of a sandwich, you always have the privilege to order a protein bowl with all the veggies, cheese, protein sources, and sauces without the bread. Since the Footlong Pro provides more protein (or it claims to do so) the price of a Footlong at Subway is 2 USD more than the normal price. 

What Is A Footlong Pro at Subway?

Subway has come up with a new and interesting food item, which is the Footlong Pro. The Footlong Pro is a sandwich that is rich in protein and it has double the amount of protein of a normal sandwich. The best part about the Footlong Pro at Subway is that you only have to pay 2 USD extra to have a wholesomeness of a meal that is loaded with protein, veggies, sauces, chees,e, and whatnot! You can always customize the Footlong Pro as per your requirements.

The Footlong Pro has to be ordered by choosing “Go Pro” in the menu. You have two ways to intake the Footlong Pro. Firstly, you can choose to have everything filled up in a 12-inches bread. If not, you can order a protein bowl that will have all the ingredients of the Footlong Pro but without the bread. Both ways, you are sure to get double the amount of protein. It is best for those who are fitness freaks and love to build their bodies well.

What Is Go Pro At Subway?

Subway is pretty popular and it has spread its base with 58 percent of its franchise in the US alone. The Footlong Pro is an initiative started by Subway to mobilize their brand even more and take the consumer’s health requirements to proper notice. 

The “Go Pro” at Subway is a technique by which Subway believes in providing consumers with more quantities of protein in a 12-inch sandwich at a budget-friendly price so that everyone can afford it easily.

By using the “Go Pro” at Subway, anyone can conveniently enhance the protein levels in their meals simply by having to pay only two US dollars extra.  Not only this initiative would help people to fulfill and satisfy their hunger, but it would also be a healthy alternative altogether. 

However, the “Go Pro” initiative Subway is available only in a few participating branches and franchisees. This exclusive deal is available only for a limited period and the offer can be availed both at the outlets and also if a person orders online.

How Much Does A Footlong Pro Cost At Subway?

A Footlong Pro at Subway is a 12-inch long sandwich that is loaded with protein, veggies, cheese, and sauces. Although Subway offers a 6-inch long sandwich bread as well, specifically the 12-inch long bread is called Footlong. The Footlong Pro is a newly launched sandwich by Subway which just costs 2 USD more than the normal one. To convert it into a meal, you have to pay 2.5 USD extra. The prices of some of the most popular Subway Footlong Pro sandwiches are-

Footlong TypePrice
Turkey Breast$8.49
Chicken Teriyaki $7.75
Big Philly Cheesesteak $8.95
Turkey and Bacon Guacamole$11.49

Adding onto this, you have another option wherein you can choose to skip the bread completely in your meal. You can order a protein bowl that would include the source of protein, the veggies, sauces of your choice, and a whole lot of cheese. 

Is Footlong Pro Healthier?

If Footlong Pro is to be compared to the other sandwiches Subway, it can surely be said that Footlong Pro is healthier and much better in the quantities of protein than other sandwiches.

Footlong Pro is wholesome and the presence of larger quantities of protein ends up making the sandwich worthy enough to be consumed as a meal and fulfill the hunger. Footlong Pro is an amazing option to go far at dinner or on days when you are busy.

Quite evidently, excessive protein also makes the sandwich healthier and tasty of course. Plus, they add more health benefits to Footlong Pro you can skip taking the bread and rather order a protein bowl that has everything but not the bread. 

This way, you will also be able to cut down on carbs and fats present in the 12-inches bread. Footlong Pro is surely a recommendation on the days when you feel more hungry as everything from the protein to the sauces and cheese is in double quantities and at an affordable price. 

What is the Difference Between Footlong Pro and Footlong Deluxe?

Footlong Deluxe was introduced by Subway on its 50th anniversary in which anyone ordering a Footlong Deluxe would get 50 percent more meat than they get in the regular subways. And for that, they only have to pay 50 cents more. The “deluxe” in these sandwiches is only added as an indication to show that the sandwich has extra meat than the normal one.

However, on the other hand, Footlong Pro is a new and limited-time offer that is only available in the participating outlets. In a Footlong Pro, you will get everything arranged and filled in 12-inch bread but in double quantities. Protein, sauces, veggies, and cheese, everything is twice as normal and you have to pay 2 USD more. Not only this, but you can also have a protein bowl that includes everything except the bread.


The Footlong Pro is a new item at Subway. The main aim behind launching the 12-inch bread sandwich with double protein, double cheese, double veggies, and double sauces of your choice was to give a satisfying meal to the customers that are enough for their appetite, especially on the days when they feel more hungry.

It is also kept in check that the Footlong Pro is made available to customers at just 2 USD more. It is done to ensure that the price of the subway remains affordable and everyone can purchase it easily. You can order a Footlong Pro by choosing “Go Pro”. However, the Footlong Pro is only available in limited outlets.

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