The new MagSafe for the iPhone 12 is this battery that costs about 100 euros

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The iPhone 12 have brought with them a very interesting improvement and it is the integration with magnetic accessories. He has called this improvement MagSafe and it will be of great help to hook numerous accessories to the back of the terminal of the bitten apple. The company has put different articles related to this feature on its website and now A new portable battery arrives that attaches to the back of the terminal.

This is the new Apple MagSafe battery

Nobody wants to run out of cell phone battery when they are away from home or work. For many it is even a trauma, but the truth is that if you use your phone to work you will need more even more than 100% of the battery to reach the end of the day with power in the device. To help you with this, you will require an external battery to connect the mobile, or perhaps a case that is compatible with the mobile and with this feature.

But at Apple they want to take advantage of one of the newly released features with the iPhone 12 and from here the new Apple MagSafe battery was born. The design has all the newest mobile phone compatible features like is the magnetic coupling and induction load. Inside, composed of a white casing and beveled on its edges, a battery that reaches 1,460 mAh is stored. At its base is the magnetic hook with which it is attached to the back of the iPhone.

The other important point is the power of the load. This reaches 5V when it is coupled to the mobile to which it supplies energy. However, this potency increases by 10V extra when the battery is connected to a cable and if it is connected to a USB C cable with Lightning adapter it will reach 20V. As a curiosity, it will only charge up to 90%, from here you will have to use the low consumption mode to fill the remaining 10%.

The price of the charging base

Apple has prepared your new portable batteries for your iPhone 12 range. We have already told you how they are and if we pay attention to what counts Engadget their lines will be on sale very soon. Specifically, it will be next week when we see them and all for the price of 99 dollars (about 100 euros to change).


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