The new Scream premiered: the reasons why you will not want to miss it

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In the 90’s, Scream It hit the big screen as one of the great revelations of the horror genre. With cameos from figures of the stature of Drew Barrymore and the participation of a figure on the rise like that of Courteney Cox, history forever marked the subgenre of slasher. From this production a large number of sequels were derived that were very far from the bar that established the film he directed. Wes Craven in 1996.

The premise of Scream was presented as innovative from the point of view of resolution: a series of murders that were framed within the classic formula of the whodunnit (who did it), where everyone was suspected but it was difficult to know who was guilty, until in the end the answer clarified that everything had been possible thanks to the partnership between two criminals, who in the first story embodied Skeet Ulrich What Billy Loomis Y Matthew Lillard What Stu Maker.

The new version of Scream is presented as a kind of reboot that returns to the town of Woodsboro where it all began and begins a revisit of the 1996 film, analyzed through the eyes of the new wave of more “intellectual” films such as Hereditary The Get out. The Scream 2022 does a very self-conscious job in which he subjects the entire horror genre and his own saga to the analysis of formulas and clichés that are touched on in this type of story, with a large dose of humor but without neglecting the suspense and the violence that characterizes slasher.

The official poster of the new film. (IMDB)

Yes, it is true that the resolution of the conflict is quite evident, but the way in which it retraces that path makes the film impossible to stop watching. The greatest success is in the theorizing about horror movies that is explained through a fake movie called Stab that exists in the world of this feature film and whose events were inspired by the events of the first Scream. From this point on, the game of winks for the viewer never rests.

The actors of the original film who returned

It is best not to explain too much about the justifications for which several of the historical characters return because there are several gags and surprises in the film. Suffice it to say that the past will play a very important role in this new film and thanks to it, well-known faces for fans of the saga will appear, such as those of Courteney Cox (Gale Weather), Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott), David Arquette (Dewey Riley) and the participation of Skeet Ulrich (Billy Loomis). Undoubtedly a cocktail that the faithful followers of this slasher will not want to miss.

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