The new series and movies of Amazon Prime Video November 2021

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We start with the return of a classic on Spanish TV and also a reference in terms of the fantastic homeland, since no less than 50 years after its premiere it returns Stories for not sleeping by Chicho Ibañez Serrador, with 4 episodes directed by 4 directors such as Paula Ortiz, Paco Plaza, Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Rodrigo Cortés in which some of the best stories told in the series are updated.

Also, continuing with the theme of self-produced sports documentaries, Prime Video brings us a documentary about one of the best athletes in the history of Spain, Pau Gasol, that this same month he announced his retirement from the basketball courts after playing his last game in March 2019. And for those who follow both the world of heart and music, a docuseries starring Omar montes, one of the Spanish singers of the moment.

The music goes on with Everybody Loves Natti, about the intimate life of the Dominican singer Natti Nathasha. And for those who like the theme of fantastic worlds, an original Prime called La reuda del tiempo, set in a universe in which only some women can access the magic that this world offers. The story follows the character of Moiraine after his arrival in a small town in Dos Río where he will embark on a dangerous journey with five young men.

We also have the film Stay at home, which tells a story in which two years after a pandemic, a group of friends organize an online party. After consuming some substances that are harmful to health, the safety of your home becomes more terrifying than the chaos that exists outside.

And the spanish tape Derailed, in which four twenty-somethings who undertook a dream trip in the year 2000: Interrail, an experience that made their friends get lost. Twenty years later, after the death of Juan Luis, the 3 friends are preparing to resume that trip under the last will of Juan Luis, in addition to asking him to take his ashes with them so that they can “live” the experience.


November 3

  • The Good Doctor, temporada 4

5 november

  • Stories to not sleep

12th of November

  • S.W.A.T, temporada 4
  • The Black List, temporada 8

November 24

  • Hanna, season 3


November 1

  • Stay at home

November 5th:

  • A man named Scott

November 15:

  • The Nest

19 november

  • The wheel of time

26 november

  • Derailed
  • Dog years


November 12

  • Pau Gasol: The important thing is the trip
  • The Little Prince is Omar Montes
  • Documental de Always Jane

19 november

  • Everybody loves Natti
  • Spanish soccer team. The strength of the group


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