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Do you really like to watch Spanish series? The Money Heist O Vis a Vis are clear examples that Netflix and the products of the Iberian country get along very well. Many of his fictions were installed among the most seen and discussed, becoming worldwide sensations. In the next few days the end of the fiction created by Alex Pina and that is why you must already be looking for the next fiction to see. Below, you can find 10 series that were announced and not yet released.

Welcome to Eden

From the hand of Joaquin Gorriz and Guillermo Lopez A thriller arrives that focuses on four very popular social media influencers who are invited by a brand to a party on an island. There, they begin to live strange events that will make them question everything. Star Amaia Salamanca, Lola rodriguez, Ana Mena, Tomy Aguilera, Amaia Aberasturi and Berta Vazquez.


Sergio G. Sanchez, the screenwriter of The orphanage and The impossible, will bring a series of supernatural horror to the catalog of Netflix. Mireia Oriol, Elena Irureta, Milena Smit, Alex Villazán, Pol Monen, Claudia Roset and Javier Morgade They will star in the story of a young woman called alma who, miraculously, survived a bus accident, but who remembers absolutely nothing. When you are discharged from the hospital, you will go home, where very strange things will start to happen.


The sex tape of a politician in her early years reaches the press and puts her promising future in the party at stake. The series promises to investigate the limits of private life and the intimacy of public figures. Itziar Ituño, Patricia López Arnaiz, Emma Suarez, Verónica Echegui and Ana Wagener head this fiction.

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Once upon a time … but not anymore

This musical is the work of Manolo Caro, the father of The House of Flowers. Sebastian Yatra, Monica Maranillo and Nia Correia They are the main figures in this love story that relies on comedy and music to be told. It takes place in a distant kingdom of Spain where a couple is forced to separate. From there they will seek to meet again and break the spell that affects them and their village.

Fair: The Darkest Light

This series of mystery and fantasy takes place in the Andalusian town called Feria, in the 90s. Eva and Sofia They are two sisters who discover that their parents disappeared after being accused of murdering more than twenty people in a ritual. Ana Tomeno, Carla Campra, Marta Nieto and Angela Cremonte They are the main figures in the series.


Set in a psychiatric institute that functions as a prison in Monte Baruca, this thriller will show a group of armed men in the middle of Christmas Eve trying to take Simon Lake, a renowned serial killer. The manager of the place, Hugo, will oppose and confront these men, only to discover that there is much more behind this operation in search of Simon.

The ones in the last row

It is the story of five 30-year-old women who have been friends for more than a decade and who go on vacation together for a week once a year. The story will begin with a radical change in this tradition: one of them was diagnosed with cancer. Sea Arana, Monica Miranda, Maria Rodriguez Soto, Mariona Terés and Godeliv Van den Brandt they are the protagonists of the story.

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This police thriller shows Cardona and Millan in search of Santo, a high-ranking drug trafficker with a lot of money whose face is unknown. In addition, both will have to put aside their differences to complete the task. It will star Bruno Gagliasso and Raul Arevalo.


This production will be composed of 10 minute episodes and will be a comedy. The main character will be Lazarus, one of the biggest fans of Chimera, artist who died suddenly and unexpectedly during a concert. After the event, the protagonist will do everything possible to occupy the lguar that was vacant.

If i had known

This series was going to take place in Turkey but was canceled for having a homosexual character. Now, moved to Spain, she will continue her filming and will star Megan Montaner. It focuses on the life of Emma, a 30-year-old woman who has an unhappy marriage and during the sighting of an eclipse travels 10 years back in time with which she gets a new opportunity to think about what she wants and how she wants it.

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