The new Wolverine is a Mexican actor!

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This is the actor Joaquín Cosío, known in the world of the genre for his role as a villain in The Suicide Squad. The details of his portrayal of the mutant!


© MarvelWolverine has his own podcast.

Wolverine He is one of the most popular characters in the superhero genre. Played for 17 years by Australian actor Hugh Jackman, who identified with the rude mutant, and convinced fans of the antihero with his performances. Now it is the turn of a Mexican to give life to the long-lived Logan, a man who is practically indestructible and a living weapon. Joaquin Cosío will be the protagonist of the Latin American adaptation of the podcast Wolverine: The Long Night.

A surprise for the character’s Latino followers, but Cosío has been making a career out of the superhero genre. The interpreter participated in the film of the DC Extended Universe directed by James Gunn: The Suicide Squad. On that occasion, he acted as General Mateo Suárez, one of the villains in the film.

Wolverine will have a Latin version!

The series is a Latin adaptation of the first scripted podcast he released. Marvel, where the mutant was the protagonist of that story, and the show had its beginnings in 2018. What is the podcast about? In a remote Alaskan town, two agents track down a serial killer. In the middle will appear the mysterious cult Aurora and the wild children known as Strawberry Kids. Logan it will be part of a plot that will drag him into the mysteries of a corrupt city.

The show did a fantastic job of reintroducing the antihero from the outside, with witness statements, notes, and messages saved on a phone. In this way, the mystery was revealed and little by little the audience connected with the myth of Logan, one of the X-Men most popular that has its own specific gravity.

The Latin podcast was launched by Marvel Entertainment and SiriusXM, choosing this time a script in Spanish to relate Wolverine: The Long Night. Until now, only the first two episodes of the show that can be enjoyed in the application have been shared SiriusXM or with the subscription to Marvel Podcasts Unlimited en Apple Podcasts.

Each weekly episode has a duration of about 30 minutes and it has the leading roles of Joaquin Cosío, Guillermo García, Brigitte Kali Canales, Iván Bernal, Bruno Bichir, Rafael Sigler, Ricardo Chávez, Marianna Burelli and Alberto Zeni. The series is directed by director Alejandra López.

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