The next MacBook Air will arrive with a mini LED screen

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In today’s world of technology, we are seeing computer equipment manufacturers increasingly focusing on using better displays for their devices. And we haven’t just seen it with technologies that allow the screen to bend or simply bend for a different viewing angle. We also talked about viewing quality, where Apple could expand its technology Mini LED to the next generation MacBook Air.

New MacBook Air with mini-LED display

Apple is one of the companies that fit perfectly with the description that we mentioned before. And it is that the bitten apple has not only surprised us with new avant-garde terminals, it has also done everything possible to adapt the improvements of other products to others that could, and in fact are, compatible in some aspects.

As far as the screens are concerned, it is not difficult to find a product of the firm that does not carry it except those that are fully dedicated to the sound section such as the AirPods 3. But we are going to the interesting thing and that is that next year we could see a new MacBook Air. It is the company’s thinnest model in terms of size, but that will not prevent it from having the latest improvements that the firm has put in previous models.

Specifically, it is expected that the MacBook Air from 2022 arrives with a miini LED display. We have already seen this technology in many products of the firm starting from the iPad Pro or the new iMac that we have also seen this year. It would be a complete integration and also very good, putting it at the level of many category devices of the brand.

More details expected from the MacBook Air 2022

That it is the thinnest model does not mean that it is the least powerful, and it is that the MacBook Air has the strength to give and take. In fact, it has already become one of the most anticipated devices for the next year and many are already beginning to dream about the characteristics that the terminal will have. Beyond the integration of a mini LED screen, a MagSafe connection, 1080p webcam and different color options to choose from are expected.


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