The NFL will tell you about the 2021 season on Twitter Spaces

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American football is one of the most followed sports around the world. Even if you are not a constant follower, you may know what the Superbowl is, and if you are, you will surely know who the most important figures in each formation are. To find out you not only have the official channels, soon you will also have the latest NFL news on Twitter.

The NFL will tell you the latest news in its Spaces

Sports enthusiasts are always ready to hear the latest news from their favorite teams. The sources are always several, as well as the channels that show that information they are looking for. One of those sources may be found on Twitter through the information posted by the different teams and players, but there will be an interesting feature soon.

It is about the arrival of the NFL to Twitter Spaces. If this concept is new for you, that of Spaces, it is a function of the bird’s social network where a user creates a room to share their audio with other people. In this case, it will be the association’s experts who tell all the official news of what happens between the teams that play in the league.

According to the statements it collects CNET From NFL Vice President of Digital Media Business Development, Blake Stuchin, “We are excited to offer NFL fans a new way to engage with live audio before our biggest events of the year and every week during the season. of the NFL “. In addition, they claimed to be happy with this step that they take again from the hand of Jack Dorsey’s company.

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Goodbye to ClubHouse?

The use of Twitter Spaces in the NFL profile is a reality, but it will not be until next year when we see how the first messages appear. However, It is a very curious move due to the recent incorporation of Clubhouse as another communication channel. And it is that this app and the Twitter feature have the same benefits and it will be a matter of time to see what content they launch in each one or if they will stop launching content in any of them.


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