The Nikkei loses 0.81% due to concern about new variants of the virus

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Tokyo, Jun 29 (EFE) .- The Tokyo Stock Exchange closed today with a decrease of 0.81% in its main indicator, the Nikkei, due to investors’ concern about the increase in global contagions of the new variants of the coronavirus.

The Nikkei ended with a decline of 235.41 points, to 28,812.61 integers, while the broader Topix index, which groups the securities with the largest capitalization, those in the first section, ended with a decrease of 16.19 points or 0.82%, to 1,949.48 points.

The Tokyo stock market followed the bearish line marked the day before by the New York Dow Jones index, and due to the advance of infections caused in Europe and Australia, among other countries, by the new and more contagious delta variant of the coronavirus.

This evolution raises concern due to its possible impact on the Tokyo Olympic Games, scheduled for less than a month from now, as well as its potential negative effect on the global economic recovery.

Among the securities with the highest capitalization, the technology giant Softbank lost 2.14%, and the Japanese automobile leader, Toyota Motor, did it 1.03%.

The textile multinational Fast Retailing, owner of the clothing store chain Uniqlo, yielded 1.20%.

Among the values ​​that saved the day, the technological group Sony stands out, which gained 1.19%, and the video game company Nintendo, which advanced 0.17%.

In the first section, 1,629 values ​​fell compared to the 422 that advanced and the 423 that ended unchanged.

The sectors with the largest declines were mining, steel and metal, glass and ceramics.

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