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The novelty that Netflix has introduced in its downloads

Any trip by plane, subway, train, etc. It flies by if you are watching a series or a movie that you have downloaded. But sometimes the Wi-Fi connection is very slow or you have run out of mobile data, and that causes you not to be able to download a whole chapter, or a film. Outcome? Well, you can’t see it, because the download has to be 100% to be able to watch it. What can be done? What Netflix has announced: Partial downloads.

Partial discharge

The VOD platform has “improved Netflix download function “, implementing the call ‘Partial discharge’: Now you can start watching, for example, Los Mitchell against the machines or the next episode of Luis Miguel: The series. Y Even if the chosen content has not finished downloading, as soon as you have a good connection again, you can continue watching it while it has just downloaded. And forget about the “You have exceeded your mobile data limit” messages.


According Netflix, “We want our subscribers to more easily access their favorite series and movies in any language, device, place and with any connection.”. The partial download is now available in the Netflix app for Android phones and tablets, Y “We are going to start testing it on iOS”, So it will also come but it will be done to pray a little.

An ideal function to try now that we are in summer, with the holidays and with this list of almost 100 new series and movies that will arrive this July 2021.


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