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The official Cuban television affirmed that Alberto Fernández supported the Díaz-Canel government: “International voices are added in support of the revolution”

Amidst the wave of popular protests in Cuba, the government television of Miguel Diaz-Canel assured that Alberto Fernandez He expressed his “back” to the president before a “smear campaign promoted by USA”.

They were based on the words that the Argentine president pronounced on the subject in an interview this week, in which he said he did not know “The dimension of the problem in Cuba.”

Since the start of the marches days ago and with a strict media control of communication, an official news program included Alberto Fernández among the leaders and “Latin American political organizations” that they had expressed their support for the “Cuban people and government”. In the broadcast, they spoke of a “smear campaign” that they claimed the United States was promoting after the “destabilizing events” that began on Sunday.

One of the television hosts close to the local government quoted statements from the Argentine Head of State while demanding the end of the blockade on the socialist island. Along these lines, he highlighted the words of Fernández in a radio interview in which he said he did not know “The dimension of the problem in Cuba.”

“The President of Argentina addressed this Monday the economic, political and social situation of Cuba and Venezuela. Y asked to end the locks unilaterally imposed by the United States against those two nations, ”said the host of the news program Revista Informativa Buenos Días, from the news channel Caribe, while showing a tweet from Fernández’s press account on camera.

“The blockades are doing incalculable damage to Cuba and Venezuela,” he read between Fernández’s statements. In addition, he indicated that the referent of the Frente de Todos had demanded the lifting of “the unilateral coercive measures applied by the government of Washington ”.

The zócalo of the newscast also supported the editorial line. “International voices join in support for the people and the Cuban revolution“, He said.

They also replicated these arguments on social media. “Voices from different nations joined to defend Cuba from the attacks that are being carried out against the Caribbean nation in the media these days,” they posted with the image of the Argentine president.

Caribbean Channel is a signal created in 2017 in Havana, part of the Information System of Cuban Television that for its birth had the collaboration of the transnational signal Telesur, founded by the agreement of Latin American populist presidencies.

The statements of Alberto Fernández

Alberto Fernández had spoken on Tuesday, in dialogue with Radio 10, on the serious social and political crisis of the island.

“I don’t know the dimension of the problem in Cuba. Yes I am clear that, yes we are humanitarianly concerned about Cuba, let’s finish with the locks and also in Venezuela. There is nothing more inhumane in a pandemic than to block a country ”, were the words of the President.

“At the G20 I asked for the blockades in the world to end. The one that suffers from it is not a government, but the people. In the middle of a pandemic maintaining blockades is the least humanitarian that exists ”, he reiterated in the talk.

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