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The Often-Forgotten Reality Check When Dreaming of a ‘Back to the Future’ Sequel

Cinema Legends Want to Take Another Spin in Back to the Future

The successful Back to the Future trilogy left an indelible mark on the history of cinema. Naturally, fans have been asking for a reboot or a sequel for several years now. Recently, actor Christopher Lloyd, who portrayed the iconic ‘Doc’ in the franchise, expressed his interest in taking another spin in the DeLorean if a “bright idea” arises that justifies another film.

Michael J. Fox, who played Marty McFly in the trilogy, is not opposed to the idea of a sequel. However, he has retired from acting due to Parkinson’s disease and would not participate in any such project. While he thinks that it is unnecessary to revisit the story, he admitted that if there is a brilliant idea that can justify a fourth film, it is possible.

Reality of a Sequel

Before fans start dreaming about a sequel, they must consider the reality of the situation. The trilogy’s director and co-creator of the story, Robert Zemeckis, and his partner Bob Gale, do not intend to approve any sort of project related to Back to the Future while they are alive. According to their contracts with Universal and Amblin Entertainment, they have the final say in approving any projects related to the franchise. Zemeckis even hinted that his estate would find a way to stop any kind of remake attempt after his death.

Perfect Movies and Iconic Characters

Even the stars of the original trilogy, Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox, have their reservations about revisiting the story. Michael J. Fox believes that the trilogy does not need a continuation, remake, or anything similar, as it works in sync and without leaving loose ends. He has even called it one of the most perfect films and thinks that there is nothing to add or improve. Similarly, Christopher Lloyd thinks that a reboot or sequel would be unnecessary unless there is a brilliant idea that justifies it.

Additionally, Michael J. Fox’s illness makes it difficult for him to remember dialogues easily, while his retirement from acting makes it impossible for him to reprise his role as Marty McFly. The progress of his illness also makes it impossible to imagine another actor taking his place.

Reliving Movie Magic

While fans may dream of a Back to the Future reboot or sequel, the reality is that it is highly unlikely. However, fans can relive the magic of the original trilogy by rewatching the films on various streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, and Prime Video.

Despite the interest in a sequel, it is unlikely to happen due to the reluctance of the creators and the inimitable charisma of the original actors. The world of cinema will have to accept that “the future is whatever you make it” – and the creators and fans seem content to let the trilogy stand as a perfect, time-traveling masterpiece.

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