The oldest man in France died of Covid-19

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Marcel Meys, the oldest man in France, died Tuesday night in a hospital in Vienna, a city located in the southeast of the Gallic country, at 112 years after having coronavirus. As reported by his only daughter, Nicole boiron, “He was still living at home but he had Covid-19 and the situation deteriorated, they put oxygen on him, they did the impossible but how can it be, at 112 years old …”.

Since December 2, the old man had been hospitalized. Meys was born on July 12, 1909 and he lived alone in his home. His daughter, in this regard, said that “He was happy because he was at home, he had all his sanity, he lived alone but he was well cared for.”

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Nicole Boiron speaks of her father as a man who “traveled a little” and who “worked a lot.” According to her, Meys “liked to play Scrabble but she didn’t play sports, she walked a bit, she played petanque”. He describes him as a person who was a bit lonely, but very familiar.

Meys was the oldest Frenchman for two months. In fact, since last October 5, after the death of Jules Théobald, a former longshoreman and fisherman from Martinique, who was 112 years old and lived in Fort-de-France.

There are no official bodies that define a “Dean” in France. Laurent Toussaint, passionate about statistics who became a recognized expert on centenarians, drew up a list and is the reference on the subject.

Marcel Meys was about fifteen days away from becoming the oldest man in France of all time, ”Toussaint told the media. Mr. Théobald died at 112 years and 171 days, while Mr. Meys lived 112 years and 156 days.

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After the passing of Marcel Meys, the most likely is that the new oldest French is a man from Nice who met 111 years on December 6, according to him; but the specialist does not rule out the possibility that another man older than him is alive.

At this moment, in France there are “a man and 33 women” with more than 110 years, which is considered the frame of the door that transforms you into a super centennial. Also, there are four 109-year-old men who are about to become super centenarians.

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