The only 2 celebrities who appeared at the 2022 Golden Globe Awards

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Golden Globes

This award meant great ceremonies and a lot of celebrity turnouts. A controversy changed that and today we highlight the two figures who appeared at the 2022 Golden Globe Awards.

Golden Globe Awards 2022
© GettyGolden Globe Awards 2022

The awards ceremony of the Golden Globe Awards 2022 It took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles behind closed doors and without celebrities after a controversy with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for its lack of representation of the black community among its members. In this way, an actress chose to defend the entity with a video recorded for the occasion.

We are talking about Jamie Lee Curtis who highlighted the philanthropic efforts of the HFPA and said she was proud of that organization. “They do it in a very low tone, unofficially, a donation night. I’ve been the lucky host that night a couple of times. “Said the actress of the inexhaustible horror franchise Halloween.

The actors who supported the HFPA

Likewise, the great action hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger thanked the HFPA for their 1977 New Star of the Year Award and it was the figure that presented the category Best Motion Picture – Drama with a speech about the entity: “They understand how to promote art and cultivate the most diverse voices and I was a beneficiary. When I finished my career as a bodybuilder, they told me that I should change my last name and improve my accent. The HFPA always supported me! “.

The awards did not have a live or stream broadcast because the NBC announced that he would not televise the 2022 ceremony for “Lack of diversity” in the organization, while Amazon Y Netflixthey announced plans to halt their activities with the HFPA until there is a sea change in that regard.

“However, changes of this magnitude take time and work, and we strongly believe that the HFPA needs time to get it right. In this way, NBC will not broadcast the 2022 Golden Globes. Assuming that the organization complies with its plan, we hope that in January 2023 the case will be different “, they pointed out from the TV network.

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