The optimal daily intake of water for adults

Access to clean and safe drinking water is essential for our well-being, yet thousands of people worldwide are forced to resort to boiling water as a means of preservation. Water is crucial for maintaining our bodies and homes, so how much should we consume per day?

The ideal amount of drinking water per day is a few liters, which will keep us in optimal condition throughout the day. In developing countries, it is customary to drink boiled or tap water, but it’s best to opt for potable water to avoid minerals and heavy metals that accumulate in faucets.

On average, an adult should consume around 16 liters of water daily, divided for personal and home hygiene, food preparation, laundry, and food cleaning, among other activities. It’s essential to drink clean and purified water to ensure we don’t consume impurities and microorganisms that can cause harm, such as bacteria and viruses.

Water treatment plants purify water, making it safe for home consumption, provided it doesn’t have any smell or taste. However, it’s possible to purify water yourself by boiling it for five minutes and letting it rest, or by adding two drops of bleach to free it from toxins. It’s crucial to allow the water to rest for 30 minutes before drinking or using it.

In conclusion, access to safe and clean drinking water is vital for our health and well-being. By drinking potable water and consuming it in ideal quantities, we can ensure we meet our daily requirements while minimising exposure to impurities and harmful microorganisms.

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