The ordeal that the CNI made Corinna pass: false ‘paparazzi’ and an unexpected visit from the King Emeritus

After having suffered numerous episodes of persecution at the hands of the CNI, the princess Corinna Sayn-Wittgenstein has decided to lodge a complaint with the High Court of Justice of England and Wales against Juan Carlos I and the Spanish secret services. The former sentimental partner of the King Emeritus assures that she was placed under “illegal surveillance.” OKDIARIO has published all of these episodes, which started after the former monarch’s accident in Botswana.

In April 2012, a week after the accident that the Emeritus King had in Africa, the then head of the Spanish secret services, General Felix Sanz Roldán, designed Operation Monaco: a plan to recover the documents that were in the possession of the German princess, which supported the international business of Juan Carlos I. Corinna received two phone calls, one from the Emeritus and the other from Sanz Roldán, who informed her that They were going to send him “people to guarantee his safety.”

Operation Monaco was carried out through the CNI and reserved funds were used for its development. The strategy consisted in making Corinna believe that the Spanish secret services had developed a plan to protect her from the paparazzi who, at that time, were loitering at her home in Monaco. However, the reality was quite different. Sanz Roldán confessed to Corinna Sayn Wittgenstein that Juan Carlos I, with whom the German princess had had a romantic relationship for eight years, was aware of the entire operation deployed in Monaco. In an email sent by the general to Corinna, on May 17, 2012, with the subject “security”, the general assured him: “Of course, His Majesty has been informed of all this.”

A few lines before I said: “As you can remember, our goal from the moment we got involved in this matter was to prevent any stranger from entering your facilities or trying to get closer than necessary or invade your privacy.” The former director of the CNI was referring to the hiring of Algiz Security that made an appearance in Corinna’s life on April 22, 2012 to, supposedly, offer her protection from “her friends in Madrid”, in reference to the services secrets.

Sanz Roldán, who communicated again via email with Corinna using the false identity of Paul Good, he commented: “It is a pleasure for me to assure you that we will continue to take care of your properties in Monaco.” And he said goodbye with “my best wishes.”

A threatening note

After the surveillance episodes of the Monaco security company, Corinna found on the table in the living room of her residence in Monaco a book about the death of Lady Di with a macabre dedication: “Between Nice and Monaco there are many tunnels”. The message was an unpleasant reminder of the car accident inside the Bridge of the Soul in Paris where the wife of Prince Charles of England lost her life.

The former sentimental partner of the King Emeritus received that sinister warning in the middle of her confrontations with the CNI envoys. After three weeks enduring how the mercenaries and envoys from Madrid violated the privacy of her office and her family residence (a 150-meter apartment) in Monaco, the German princess broke with those who promised her protection. Those days in late April and early May 2012, the woman who had had a romantic relationship with Juan Carlos I for eight years had to endure the worst moments of her life. He even came to fear for his personal safety.

The veiled threats were not limited to the dedication of the book, the princess also received a worrying call from someone who was hiding under anonymity in which he repeated the same dedication of the book: “Between Nice and Monaco there are many tunnels”

The unexpected visit of Juan Carlos I

It happened in March 2019. Corinna assured OKDIARIO in a world exclusive that Félix Sanz Roldán had sent the King Emeritus to his home with a “hidden microphone in a pin on the flag of Spain” to “set a trap for his ex-girlfriend.” he related it to Eduardo Inda Y Manuel Cerdan:

‘He came to London, to our house. He had called to tell me that he thought we should talk. I accepted. My son and I received it in good faith. We thought you had come to speak about ending this long campaign of abuse and harassment against me. Unfortunately I think we were wrong. As soon as he entered … because he already entered with a man who was certainly not his personal secretary. When I asked that man if he was his personal secretary, he couldn’t answer me. I insisted several times and he looked very uncomfortable. In the end he came to admit that he only accompanied the King on special missions. My security staff – I put security on that particular occasion because I didn’t feel very safe – was a very smart Israeli guy. They are usually very good. It seemed suspicious to him too, ”said the princess.

That attitude put Corinna on guard to the point that she forbade the companion to enter the living room of her London residence. The ex of Juan Carlos feared the worst. «The King wore a pin on his lapel, like a Spanish flag, and he behaved very strangely. He kept leaning forward and asking me what I wanted. So I asked him: “Are you here to talk about a peaceful, constructive and dignified way out of this for our families, or has General [en referencia a Félix Sanz Roldán] this visit? He answered me enigmatically. First he began to tell me that the general was his best … greatest protector, a close friend … And then he said that without the general … -and made a very strange gesture with his hand- he would be … That was what he told us. Suddenly it really worried me that the general might be using the former king of Spain as a spy. He had come to London with a hidden mike, like everyone else, to set up his ex-girlfriend. I think that Juan Carlos was not good at playing 007 because it was simply an embarrassing situation and we were astonished at where things had come from, “he said.

The mystery of the two Ferraris

Parallel to these events, the CNI, during the development of the campaign to discredit Corinna, intoxicated various media with the news fake that one of the Ferraris given by the Emir of Dubai to Juan Carlos I was parked in the garage of the German princess’s house in Monaco.

OKDIARIO tracked down these two luxury vehicles, valued at more than 700,000 euros and proved that they were never used by the German princess. Its current owners are a Spanish executive and the company of a Colombian businessman.

In the conversation she had with José Villarejo at her London home, Corinna complained about Félix Sanz Roldán’s attempt to make journalists see that the 660-horsepower, metallic-gray Ferrari FF Sabbia al Tramonto had been appropriated by her , after the breakup of the sentimental partner with Juan Carlos I.

Corinna, to OKDIARIO: “Sanz Roldán is the culprit”

“If General Sanz Roldán or King Juan Carlos had communicated their concern about possible documents and asked me to return them, I would have done so immediately,” said the princess when she was interviewed exclusively by OKDIARIO worldwide. So none of those covert operations were actually necessary. I think that Sanz Roldán invented that legend about me having all that compromising information so that the necessary budget was authorized to carry out this illegal campaign of abuse and harassment.

Asked if she still felt guarded by the Spanish secret services, Corinna answered without hesitation: “Yes, I think so! In fact, the campaign intensified during the confinement of the Covid. Addressed to us very aggressively on our property. They shot at the security cameras, at the windows of the property. They tried to hack into the CTV cameras. They have us under surveillance, they have my team under surveillance… We have no doubt about that.

The German princess is convinced that Sanz Roldán was responsible for the destruction of the relationship with Don Juan Carlos. “Destroying that relationship was his mission because he did not see me well, and I think he was probably not the only one. What I question is that when figures of the ruling class do not approve of their King’s relationships, wouldn’t it be better if men had the courage to stand up to their number one, the King, rather than trying to sink and destroy one? wife and her children? ».

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