The Outer Worlds composer joins PlayStation

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When Justin E. Bell wrote on Twitter about the teaser trailer for The Outer Worlds 2, he already mentioned it as if he was not a participant in the project: “The way they have incorporated Hope at the end has been very impressive,” he wrote. It is now confirmed that the composer and sound director is no longer part of Obsidian Entertainment or Xbox Game Studios. It was the creative himself who announced joining PlayStation Studios.

“I’ve always wanted to work for PlayStation,” he writes in his message. “So it’s surreal to announce my new role at PlayStation Studios as sound design supervisor. The dream comes true, colleagues. What a privilege to join this wonderful team. ” Bell has clarified that he will not oversee all projects under the umbrella of the company, as there are many people in his group, even creatives in the same position. “I will support various people and games as needed,” he explains.

A broad curriculum

While at Obsidian Entertainment, Justin E. Bell has worked as a composer on the soundtracks for several of the studio’s most recent titles, including scores for Pillars of Eternity, The Outer Worlds y Grounded. He also wrote additional music for Fallout: New Vegas and participated in the soundtrack of South Park: The Stick of Truth. Outside of video games, he has lent his talent to series such as Nikita or Los Chicos del Mañana.

Obsidian Entertainment, meanwhile, is moving forward with its three well-known projects: Grounded, which came out in early access, and its great RPG, Avowed, of which we will know new details soon. As if that were not enough, during the joint Xbox and Bethesda conference they announced the development of The Outer Worlds 2, which judging by its teaser trailer is still in a very premature phase of development (they parody that they have almost nothing done yet).

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Source | Justin E. Bell (Twitter)


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