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The pandemic triggers counterfeits: 6.8% of annual EU imports are counterfeits

In recent years the number of items sold through electronic commerce has grown notably. This trend was in turn accelerated by the coronavirus health crisis and the confinements adopted by governments to contain its spread, which prevented many people from making their purchases in person. This has led to 6.8% of imports of the European Union (EU), worth 121 million euros, were forgeries, according to the PONS IP Foundation.

In addition, according to the data handled by the global firm specialized in comprehensive advice on industrial and intellectual property, in 2019 around 72 million of counterfeit items and imitations. On the other hand, facing the next financial year in 2022, from PONS IP they expect them to move around the world around 991,000 million dollars in counterfeits and imitations. A figure that is only growing, hand in hand with the growth of electronic commerce and social networks.

According to a recently presented study, 20% of the posts that the user finds on social networks about items for sale and e-commerce pages are forgeries. This means that one of every five pages of this sector that we visit is an imitation. One of the data that best exemplifies this situation is the fact that the number of domains on the network has skyrocketed in recent years and has soared to reach 375 million Worldwide.

Launch Alert

Faced with this situation, PONS IP has announced this week the ALERT release, a new technology-based service specialized in the surveillance and comprehensive protection of trademarks from the earliest phase of registration and protection to their access, distribution and growth in the market. With this launch, PONS IP expands and reinforces its offer of advanced services for the management of industrial and intellectual property assets after the launch in 2020 of Safe Evidence, an online platform to manage intangible assets based on blockchain technology, advanced signature and qualified seals of weather.

The legaltech solution, designed by the PONS IP team, was created with the aim of facilitating a comprehensive coverage, personalized and flexible through four specific areas: Registration ALERT, which helps to prevent the registration of similar or equal marks nationally and internationally, Customs ALERT, a solution that facilitates the control of the entry and exit of counterfeit products in more than 180 countries , ALERTA Online, which prevents, detects and responds to the attacks that cybercriminals carry out on brands on the Internet and ALERTA Dominios, a specialized service that allows the monitoring, detection and issuance of alerts of domains that coincide with trademark rights.

Among the advantages of the ALERTA service is the intensive use of technology, since each PONS IP solution in ALERTA combines the company’s experience with the advantages offered by machine learning and big data (among others), as well as the use of online platforms and access to the main technology companies such as Google, Facebook or Twitter to avoid up to 95% the risk of suffering infringements that could threaten the use, value and reputation of the brand in online and physical environments.

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