The Paper House came to an end and fans plagued the networks with memes

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After so much waiting, the day finally arrived: the end of The Money Heist is now available on Netflix. On September 3, the platform added volume 1 of the fifth season to its catalog and just a few hours ago it completed the last edition with five new episodes. And, with this, the story of the most famous robbers in Spain ends after four years full of success.

On this occasion, the protagonists of The Money Heist they prepare again to face the Civil Guard and the army, who have them surrounded. Likewise, there is also the fact that now it is their turn to grieve for the loss of their great friend, Tokyo. This character, played by Úrsula Corberó, was the fifth fallen from the resistance in the first volume, thus joining the group of those who gave everything to save their companions.

The Money Heist 5B arrived full of emotions, more adrenaline and a lot of action, something that has fans going crazy. Is that, when the series began to be available on Netflix after its cancellation on Antena 3, it became a global phenomenon, reaping thousands of followers around the world. That is why, now, the farewell of the strip caused great controversy in all those who know the story from the beginning.

Although in a press conference held just a few days ago the director, Jesús Colmenar announced that there will be no more seasons, the desire of the followers is for the series to return. And, despite the fact that a spin off on Berlin (Pedro Alonso) was confirmed, the fact of ending the original strip moved the faithful of the series, who did not hesitate to express their feelings on social networks.

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The best memes for the end of La Casa de Papel:

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