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The Paper House could take an unexpected turn in the relationship between The Professor and Inspector Sierra

Everything that begins ends and now it is the turn of The Money Heist. After four years of being a worldwide phenomenon, the Álex Pina strip comes to an end in a fifth season. It will be next September 3 when the first part of this edition is published and, then, the last five chapters will arrive on Netflix on December 3.

So much so that, just three weeks after the first part is released, fans of The Money Heist they are already looking forward to it. Although the announcement of the release date and even the trailer of what to come was a kick to imagine the suspense that the new content will have, there are still many things to be known.

And one of the questions that still has no answer is what will happen between The Professor and Inspector Sierra. It must be remembered that, at the end of the fourth season, the Inspector discovers the hiding place of the head of the robber gang and with that ends the episode. That’s why, as of the fifth part, the fans already have some theories.

While many imagine that Sierra came to El Professor’s hideout to destroy both him and his gang, others also thought that he could join the team. In the first editions of The Money HeistLisbon was also an inspector, but left everything to go with The Professor. That is why now something similar could happen.

Inspector Sierra discovered the Professor. Photo: (Netflix)

This does not mean that Sierra has fallen in love with the architect of the robberies, but that his plan would be different. According to her story, this woman no longer has anything to lose: her husband died, she has a child on the way and she accused the entire Government of Spain of knowing all the illicit operations she carried out to catch the gang, which would drive her to get revenge.

Now, what is the best way to get revenge? Join the group that El Professor manages and help them escape from the Bank of Spain since he knows all the security protocols. This is clear if they pay her her share, which she would use to disappear from the map, raise her baby without problems and evade the justice that, after her statements, is looking for her throughout the country.

However, despite all the theories that were raised, there is still no official answer to know what will happen between them. So much so that there is no other option but to wait for the next September 3 to know the truth.

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