The paper house: the 5 most shocking revelations of the last trailer of the end

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Netflix released the trailer for the second part of the fifth season of “The Money Heist”, which will put an end to the most successful Spanish series in recent years. The fiction, which premiered in 2017 and will say goodbye to the public on December 3, 2021, will close with a flourish the stories of its protagonists Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Itziar Ituño, Miguel Herrán, among many others, who have formed part of this global phenomenon.

The robbery of the Bank of Spain each time it is becoming more complicated for the Professor and his band, who have already lost several members along the way. The robbers are trapped in the national installation and the Spanish army is on top of them trying to finish them off.

The preview of volume 2 of season 5 of “The Money Heist”, shared on October 13 by Netflix, reveals some clues about the end of the heist to the Bank of Spain and the future of the Professor and his gang of robbers. What will happen in the end? Here we show you the 5 most shocking revelations of the trailer.

“In the last hours, I have lost very important people and I am not going to let anyone else fall for this robbery”, says the Professor at the beginning of the teaser for “La Casa de Papel”. And is that after the Spanish army has shot and bombed the Bank of Spain, the robbers are trapped in the national facility and trying to find a way out, but this will be more risky than ever. The teacher will have to make a decision to save them.

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After the death of Tokio, the first images of “La casa de papel 5” – Volume 2 show us the band completely destroyed. The protagonists of the robbery have lost strength after having lost one of their loved ones.

Palermo looks up, at a light that falls on him; then he and Lisboa are sitting on the floor with their hands in their heads without finding solutions; meanwhile Rio is devastated by Tokyo’s death and has a look of revenge as he holds his gun. What will happen to them?

One of the most shocking moments in the preview of the second part of the fifth season of “La Casa de Papel” is when we see Lisbon escorted by the Spanish army. Will it be its end?

Time plays against the Professor and his gang, who will have to figure out how to get out of the Bank of Spain. In the preview we see some explosions inside the place, meanwhile the mastermind of the operation is willing to save the lives of the gang members. In one of the scenes, the Professor appears wielding a weapon. Will they get away with it?

One of the questions most asked by fans of “La Casa de Papel” is whether Tokio is really dead. Since in this type of productions anything can happen, it is unclear what could have happened to Tokyo. This taking into account that

This taking into account that it is his voice-over that runs throughout the trailer, in which we see a master craftsman of the kintsugi (a Japanese technique by which broken objects are repaired through gold to make them stronger). the famous broken masks of the Professor’s team. Is Tokyo still alive?

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