The passage of Freddie Mercury through Argentina: the story of the photo with Maradona and the haircut at the hotel

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Queen’s arrival in Argentina in 1981 marked a before and after. The most important group at that time came with all their teams to surprise with their shows in the city of Buenos Aires, Rosario and Mar del Plata.

These were difficult times. A dictatorship that censored various artists and even some of the songs by the British band were banned from local radios. General Roberto Viola, who would be in charge of the presidency days after the shows of the English band, was looking for some openness towards shows with the aim of distracting the hard time that was being lived.

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How did the idea of ​​bringing Queen come about?

The local producer was Alfredo Capalvo, a person far from rock, who also brought figures like Julio Iglesias, was responsible for Queen’s concerts in the country, which were announced as part of the festivities of the Carnival of the Club Vélez Sarfield.

On February 28, March 3 and 8, the famous band would perform in Buenos Aires, and would also give a show in Mar del Plata, on March 4 at the “Mundialista” stadium, and on March 6 in Rosario, at the “Gigante de Arroyito ”.

The arrival of Freddie Mercury and the band to Ezeiza

The group landed in Ezeiza on February 27 before a large number of fans who wanted an autograph or a photo taken with the musicians of the moment. There was no shortage of photographers and journalists who portrayed the members. A long caravan of fanatics, plus security people, accompanied them to a downtown hotel.

Freddie, Brian, John and Roger they were surprised with the reception. They realized that the next few days would be very special, charged with energy. The formal meeting with the press was at a conference in the Vélez parking lot, before the debut. Some international media, such as the magazine Rolling Stone, they sent their chroniclers to cover the event.

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Media coverage

The news went everywhere. An interview was even broadcast live: “It’s incredible. The people are very friendly and everything indicates that we are going to have very good shows. We want people to enjoy all of this, “Mercury told China Zorrilla, who was in the program that was in charge of promoting the visit.

“The champions finally arrive. After a thousand speculations we will see in Argentina one of the biggest rock bands of today. Like all stories, this one also had a beginning and an ending. Obviously positive ”, anticipated the magazine Fur days before arrival in Queen’s country.

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“As if by magic, artists that were previously unattainable were accessible, even including the large expenses involved in moving a group and their team from any city in Europe or the United States,” added the note in the magazine specialized in music.

It was a historical event. After many years of having little rock in the country, Queen arrived with all their teams. It was a band full of hits and as part of the promotion of the album The Game. They were in their moment of glory “, described Juan Manuel Cibeira, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine to The Viola.

The journalist had been with the members a few years before. It was as part of the group’s presentation in New Orleans in 1978. “We traveled to the United States to interview them and see the official presentation. We participated in a very entertaining party after the show. I could also see it in Miami where the public responded in a different way, much warmer ”.

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“Through the magazine we had contact with them in Buenos Aires, Rosario and Mar del Plata. Brian May was the one who spoke the most to the media, while Roger Taylor and John Deacon accompanied. Freddie was a very cautious person with the press people. They had been heavily punished by the media. He impressed me with his talent, his unique voice and his exceptional stage management, ”Cibeira recalled.

How the famous photo of Queen with Diego Maradona was prepared

The photo of the Ten with the band went around the world. Perhaps one of the most important moments of that visit. Mercury with the t-shirt of the National selection and Maradona with the Union Jack. It was in dressing rooms, after the last Queen show in the country.

“During a barbecue that the president of Vélez offered in his fifth to the band and a small group of guests. A controversy was generated at the meeting. It was when the singer commented that he was going to come up with the soccer jersey of the National Team, the journalists argued vehemently that this was probably going to cause a rejection in the audience. Freddie listened attentively to the arguments of the locals and explained their position ”, Cibeira recalled about the idea of ​​uniting football with rock.

“I remember that I accompanied my father to buy a national team shirt in a local Buenos Aires. He bought it as a gift from the EMI company as they were English and football fans. They left it in the hotel room since the musicians they were with the shows in Rosario and Mar del Plata. He was the first foreign artist to wear light blue and white in a show. Now it is common. Legend has it that Maradona gave it to him, but in reality it was my father without the intention that they would show it off at the recital, “said Lisandro Ruiz, son of Roberto Ruiz, who in 1981 was the head of the Anglo sector of the record company and later president Of the same.

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The remembered player was the protagonist in the recital. Diego had just signed his pass to Boca, he went on stage to present the band before the hit “Another One Bites the Dust”. “I want to thank Freddie and the Queens for making me so happy. And now ‘Another one bites the dust’ ”, were his words.

Freddie Mercury’s haircut

Several magazines, outside the world of music, joined the coverage of Queen’s visit. Everyone wanted to be close to the famous members. Miguel Romano, Renowned stylist, he received a special request: to cut Mercury’s hair.

“It was at the Sheraton Hotel. A lovely person, very cordial. We didn’t talk much, but he was always very nice. There was the translator who helped us a little and the drummer of the band ”, he told The Viola the renowned hairdresser.

“I kept it short. I also trimmed his mustache. It was the style that he maintained until his death ”, he concluded.

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