The Pastillas del Abuelo, Trueno, La Vela Puerca and Coti, at the Dolores Rock Experience

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It is the debut of a tank that aims to get into the calendar of festivals nationwide. And, for that reason, the grid has everything and for everyone: Las Pastillas del Abuelo, Trueno, La Vela Puerca, Coti, Los Espíritus and many more artists will be present in the first edition of the Dolores Rock Experience, to be held on April 16 and 17, 2022 at the Dolores Racecourse.

There are still bands to unveil, but the lineup it is promising. Everything Appears Normal, Bhavi, Old Town, Manolo and The Vespasses, The Zombie, 202 and City Animal are also confirmed. There will be more than 20 national and international shows.

In addition, Dolores Rock Experience does not just stop at music. There will be extreme sports, an extensive gastronomic patio, a museum about Pappo, a snow track, old cars, racing simulator with Marcos Di Palma and many more activities. All, just over two hours by car on Route 2.

As for the musical, Las Pastillas del Abuelo has a new studio album and it will be a great opportunity to see it live. 2020 It is the new release of the band that, with 18 years of experience, managed to consolidate a live sound that led them to tour throughout the country.

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La Vela Puerca officially announced the new tour of “En El Limbo”. After performing four times in December at the Broadway Theater, they will arrive in festival mode at Dolores.

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For his part, Trueno will show live why he is one of the most important figures in hip hop today. Everything feeds the possibility of seeing great recitals and crossovers between artists who, if they weren’t in these megashows, would not perform on stage. All this offers the Dolores Rock Experience, which is here to stay.

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