The Penguin from the Batman will have its own series on HBO Max

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It seems that the batman universe established by Matt Reeves and starring Robert pattinson continues to grow. With the movie The Batman scheduled for March next year and the series Gotham P.D. on the way, now the information says they are projecting a spin off focused on the villain The Penguin, a character who would have a brief participation in the hero’s film.

The new series will tell the story of Oswald Cobblepot, alias The Penguin, a notable Gotham City villain, in this case played by an unrecognizable Colin Farrell. Deadline reported that the project is in an early phase of development and that the intention is to have Farrell as the protagonist of the show, but his participation in the future series has not yet been confirmed.

The Penguin is coming to HBO Max

Matt Reeves is executive producer of the project that will show the rise of Cobblepot to power in a similar way as the classic starring Al Pacino, Scarface, where a Cuban immigrant climbs in the world of drug trafficking in Miami to become the main criminal in that city. Do youThe Penguin be one of the heads of organized crime in Gotham?

Colin Farrell warned that his participation in the film The Batman It’s short, but since the film’s trailer was released and fans saw the character’s look, there’s been a lot of excitement to see the Penguin in action. The villains gallery of Batman It is made up of some of the most complex characters in the world of comics and the Penguin has reserved a place of privilege among all of them.

Will Batman appear in the Penguin series? Photo: IMDb.

A little memory: The Penguin has already appeared on the big screen played by the talented Danny DeVito in the movie of Tim Burton, Batman Returns. At that time, the character was presented as a son of high society who is despised by his family and returns to Gotham with a thirst for revenge. Years later, another interpretation of the villain, Robin Lord Taylor in the series Gotham.


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