The pharmaceutical company Pfizer joins the CEOE as a new member

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Madrid, Sep 15 (EFE) .- The pharmaceutical company Pfizer will form part of the CEOE from now on after the agreement signed this Wednesday by the president of the employer, Antonio Garamendi, and the president and CEO of Pfizer in Spain, Sergio Rodriguez.

Garamendi highlighted the importance of having a new partner “of the stature” of Pfizer and recalled the “crucial” role that the company is playing “in the global fight against the pandemic” with its vaccines, as explained by the CEOE.

Pfizer is “an example of the social function that the business world performs today, and that goes far beyond the mere generation of economic benefits for its shareholders,” Garamendi said.

For his part, the president of Pfizer Spain has considered that joining the CEOE is a great opportunity for the sector and recalled that the pharmaceutical industry is, along with the automobile, the one that invests the most in Spain in R + D + i , more than 1,200 million euros per year.

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